Palletways NetSuite Integration Connector

Enable swift data flow of shipment records to and from NetSuite & Palletways.

Palletways NetSuite Integration Connector Features

Seamless NetSuite Palletways Integration

A seamless and automated two-way data communication between your Palletways & NetSuite, freeing up your time so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Having access to updated info not only allows the decision makers to take swift actions but also plan ahead for betterment and growth.

Script Based NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Palletways Connector Highlights

Centralized Control

Manage your orders from a single point of control.

Seamless Order Management

Steer clear of shipment mismanagement by maintaining complete control over your data

Easy Deployment

NetSuite Palletways connector deployment is easy and straightforward.

Advanced Customization

Add-on features can be requested via customizations

Updated Dashboards

Seamlessly get all important information on your NetSuite Dashboard

Palletways NetSuite Integration Connector Features

NetSuite Palletways Integration Benefits

Folio3 connectors come with added benefits. Here are a few of them


No more delays in shipments


No more errors in shipments


Accuracy and customer satisfaction guaranteed


Get all updated data with ease

Features of NetSuite and Palletways Integration

  • Sync Fulfillments (with the associated sales order data) in pick/pack status from NetSuite to Palletways as Consignments
  • Set Consignment Numbers (Tracking number) on item fulfillment records and set status to shipped
  • Store Label Image files in the File Cabinet and associate them with Fulfillments

NetSuite Palletways Integration Pricing

Reach out to our experts to book a demo and request a quote

The connector is robust with the ability to be modified. Any new features allowed by the Palletways API can be developed. Drop us a message or give us a call to share your NetSuite Customization requests. Folio3 also has a bundle to pre-built connectors. You can request their integration at our NetSuite Integration Page.

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