Royal Mail NetSuite Integration Connector

Integrate NetSuite to UK’s solely designated sole designated Universal Service Provider. Benefit from the unmatched network of Royal Mail and NetSuite’s outstanding features by connecting the two platforms and enjoying the hassle-free business performance.

Seamless NetSuite & Royal Mail Integration

The integration between NetSuite & Royal Mail allows you to create shipments and generate labels for shipping that are printed and pasted on packages. The seamless integration will ease your shipment pains as it covers almost all the aspects of it as listed in the features of this plugin.

Script Based NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Royal Mail Connector Highlights

Shipment Creation

Shipments will be created in NetSuite

Label Generation

The labels will be generated from the royal mail system for printing

Easy Deployment

Our Royal Mail connector can be easily deployed without any additional coding

Updated Dashboards

Get accurate and updated information at all times

Extensive Customizations

The connector comes with the ability to be customized according to the needs

NetSuite Royal Mail Integration Benefits

Folio3's NetSuite & Royal Mail Integration is loaded with benefits


No need to worry about data entry errors caused by manual data insertion/synchronization


Increased efficiency of the processes due to the enablement of automation


Up-to-date reporting on your finger-tips


Additional advancements & customization of the existing features are 100% possible

Features of NetSuite and Royal Mail Integration

  • Create Shipment in Royal Mail from NetSuite
  • Set Consignment Number (Tracking number) on item fulfillment record and set the status to shipped
  • Generate labels from Royal Mail

NetSuite Royal Mail Integration Pricing

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Integrate Royal Mail or some of our other NetSuite Integrations Services products that match your business needs. Complete customization is possible for all the integration connectors developed by Folio3.

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