NetSuite ZigZag Integration Connector

Integrate NetSuite with ZigZag to easily manage your orders & returns. ZigZag aims to help retailers make the return process as hassle free as possible. It’s purely a NetSuite SuiteScript based application which will sync data with ZigZag using ZigZag’s standard API.

Seamless NetSuite & ZigZag Integration

Easy and quick integration with Folio3’s NetSuite ZigZag integration will allow you to swiftly manage all your orders and returns

ZigZag Global Integration with NetSuite

NetSuite ZigZag Connector Highlights


The integration creates RMAs in NetSuite


All transactions between NetSuite and ZigZag is mapped on a one to one basis using the NetSuite order transaction id


RMAs in NetSuite will be converted item receipts and cash refunds in NetSuite

Delivery Information

NetSuite item receipts will be Synced/exported to ZigZag as delivery information

Easy Deployment

The ZigZag connector can be deployed very easily

NetSuite ZigZag Integration Benefits

Get the most robust integration between NetSuite and Shopify


Work stress-free knowing that your data won’t have errors caused by manual data entry


Productivity and business performance are bound to increase with automation


Get accurate and latest information at all times


It’s a custom-made connector having the possibility of being further customized

Features of NetSuite and ZigZag Integration

  • Sales orders (along with the related line items, customer and order details) are synced from NetSuite to ZigZag
  • RMAs (return authorizations) creation in NetSuite based on data available in ZigZag
  • Delivery Information is updated in ZigZag from NetSuite, by exporting the NetSuite Item Receipt information

NetSuite ZigZag Integration – Pricing

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Any add-on features/functionality are available via customization.

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