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DippinDaisys is one of the fastest-growing local USA swimwear brands that produce over 1,000 new styles every year. It is a female-founded company based in Los Angeles, California, striving to empower & create good opportunities to support the females of the world.


Folio3 successfully integrated their proprietary Shopify NetSuite Connector for VIVA USA. The integration streamlined all their business processes and enable them to better manage their online & offline orders along with many other important functions.

The Challenge

DTE Trading INC dba Viva USA wanted to utilize Folio3’s Shopify Connector for NetSuite to their Shopify based storefront with their NetSuite account.


Folio3’s NetSuite Shopify Connector is a custom-built out of the box integration solution that provides fully automated import, export & sync of complete orders, inventory, pricing, sales orders, shipment information, logs, etc. The integration offered the following features:

  • Import  Customers from Shopify to  NetSuite.
  • Import Sales Orders from Shopify to NetSuite.
  • Export Item data from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Cash Sale sync from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Export Sales Price from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Export Order Status and Shipping Info from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Export Refunds from NetSuite to Shopify.
  • Import an individual Shopify order from the Connector Dashboard.
  • Search for Imported Shopify Sales Orders in NetSuite Search for Imported Shopify Customer records in NetSuite.
  • Sync Sales Orders On Demand from Shopify to NetSuite, from the Connector Dashboard
  • Sync Items On-Demand from NetSuite to Shopify, from the Connector Dashboard
  • Sync Refunds On-Demand NetSuite to Shopify, from the Connector Dashboard

In addition to the above, DTE Trading INC dba Viva USA has requested the following customization:

  • Synchronizing more than two images for each item from NetSuite to Shopify and link
    individual images to child items


The NetSuite Shopify connector helped Viva USA streamline their business functions helping them manage their online & offline storefront in a much smoother and faster way.

DTE Trading - Dippin Daisys

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