Hasheem Real Estate Company


Hasheem Real Estate Company is a prominent group company with a subsidiary dedicated to property leasing. Specializing in the leasing of both commercial and residential properties, they offer a comprehensive range of real estate solutions


HASHEEM REAL ESTATE LIMITED aims to implement an ERP system for their property leasing and facility management company, replacing basic software. The goal is to eliminate pain points in real estate management transactions and improve day-to-day operations, including financial management, inventory, procurement, reporting,, and property management.

The Challenge

Transitioning from Excel and basic software, the company aims to implement an ERP solution to alleviate pain points in real estate management transactions and streamline financial, inventory management, procurement, reporting, and property management processes.


Folio3 successfully devised an efficient solution that entailed aligning and configuring essential real estate service processes to adhere to Oracle NetSuite’s standardized mechanism. This solution aptly catered to all the necessary basic-level and high-level functionalities that Hasheem group required, effectively meeting their needs.

  • Set up single parent and single subsidiary setup with financial consolidation, including general accounting setup COA, department and location setup, accounting periods, journal entries, check printing, and issuing.
  • Set up Standard NetSuite UAE VAT
  • Set up and configure item Master (Inventory, Non-Inventory, Charges), Item Pricing, Unit of Measure, Item Pricing, and Item Transactions
  • Set up and configure standard NetSuite features including Vendor Master, Purchase Orders, PO Item Receipts, Vendor Bills & Payments (Manual Recording), Vendor Return Authorizations, Item Fulfillments, Vendor Credits, Vendor Refunds, Standard Purchases and A/P reports
  • Set up and configure Property Master Unit Definition, Tenant Master Setup, Tenancy Contract Creation, Tenancy Contract Termination/Renew, Payment Management, Property Handover, Reacquiring Property and Revenue Recognition
  • Set up and configure CRM functionalities including Lead, Prospect, Estimates, Quote, and Pipeline Reporting
  • Setup and configure facility management which includes Case Creation, Case Escalations, Case Tracking, Case Reporting, and Email Notification
  • Implement analytics for insightful data analysis.


With a flawless and accurate Oracle NetSuite ERP implementation, Folio3 delighted the Hasheem Group. By tailoring the functionalities to their specific needs, Folio3 significantly enhanced Hasheem Group’s real estate management processes, encompassing financial management, record-keeping, property management, business analytics, and various other critical areas.

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