Peake 123

NetSuite Amber Road Integration


Peake 123 is a UK based global, multi-channel distributor of industrial and electronic components, with over a million customers in 80 countries.


Folio3 Built & Integrated its NetSuite Amber Road EOD for Peake 123 ElectroComponents PLC to enhance the performance of their day to day business functions with ease.

The Challenge

Peake 123 did not have a trade sales order management & compliance system in place restricting them from quickly delivering orders & getting compliant as per regulated policies.


Folio3’s custom-built NetSuite AmberRoad EOD Connector simplified the management of their orders. The connector worked in sync with NetSuite as well as WooComerce to ensure smooth data communication and updation. The features of the connector are listed below:

  • Update the Compliance status after the sales orders are synced from Woocommerce to NetSuite
  • NetSuite WooCommerce Connector will utilize Transactions and Products API calls
  • Trade Compliance status fetched via AmberRoad EOD Trade Compliance API will be parsed and status and additional useful information will be stored with each Sales Order in NetSuite
  • NetSuite Users will also be able to fetch Trade Compliance status manually by clicking the “Get Trade Compliance Status” button provided on the Sales Order view screen
  • Upon click of the ‘Get Status’ button, sales order line items along with transaction data will be sent to AmberRoad EOD Trade Compliance API and response from Trade Compliance API will be parsed and the Sales Order custom fields for Trade compliance status will be updated
  • The NetSuite WooCommerce Connector will create a Saved Search for all the Sales Orders that don’t fulfill trade compliance criteria. The results of the Saved Search will be displayed in a portlet available for NetSuite’s dashboard so that relevant users can review the list of Sales Order and take necessary actions
  • Only users with a relevant Trade Compliance role will be able to release a hold status on a flagged order. This will be done by editing the custom field “Trade Compliance Status”. Only users with relevant Trade Compliance roles will be able to modify the status


With the successful integration of Folio3’s AmberRoad EOD connector, Peake 123 was able to streamline its trade functions allowing them to complete its book-keeping processes & improve its deliveries.

Peak123 - mock

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