SweetTree Home Care Services


SweetTree Home Care Services, with 15 years of success in providing home care, recently launched SweetTree Connect to offer telecare services. The organization, which has served over 8,000 clients, focuses on enabling independent living, particularly for the elderly and those with neurological conditions. In addition to its traditional services, SweetTree diversified with a training academy and a not-for-profit farm. The introduction of SweetTree Connect reflects their commitment to incorporating technology for remote care solutions


Folio3 successfully implemented NetSuite for SweetTree, overcoming challenges such as transitioning to a cloud-based solution, meticulous data mapping, and configuring the system for specific reporting needs. Delays in implementing NetSuite’s dunning functionality due to process changes were observed. Despite these hurdles, Folio3’s expertise ensured a successful implementation, streamlining operations and enhancing SweetTree’s financial capabilities.

The Challenge

SweetTree faced challenges evaluating existing accounting software for scalability, transitioning to a cloud-based solution to mitigate risks, and ensuring compatibility with the new venture, SweetTree Connect. The goal was to integrate a system supporting growth, enhancing customer service, and providing robust financial reporting for informed decisions while navigating a smooth transition from the previous setup.


  • Migrate 15 files from the original data migration plan.
  • Ensure the reliability of the data within a defined timeframe, prioritize critical elements essential for accurate reporting.
  • Identified data mappings needed for migration in the transition to Netsuite.
  • Configure import templates and ensuring correct field mapping.
  • Maintained access to the existing system post-installation, making it non-critical to replicate all transactions immediately in NetSuite.
  • Define reporting capabilities aligned with the business structure.
  • Migration to reassess and revamp the Profit and Loss (P&L) structure.
  • Establish a consolidated P&L structure.
  • Configured a financial reporting format aligned with the organization’s requirements.
  • Integrated the module for direct communication with the bank.
  • Setup NetSuite’s dunning functionality for automated reminder sending at scheduled intervals.
  • Provided training on data import, using live examples for testing purposes.


Folio3’s implementation of NetSuite for SweetTree yielded significant benefits, including enhanced reporting capabilities for informed decision-making, streamlined processes to reduce non-value-add activities, and increased control through workflow approval levels with full audit trails. The solution accommodated the growing business and changing processes, providing audit trails for all interactions. Further module integration opportunities and the adoption of a cloud solution freed up on-site server capacity. Notably, the move of invoicing for SweetTree Home Care Services to NetSuite centralized financial transactions, facilitating ease of debt collection and management.

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