SuiteSuccess Implementation


Vertiflex provides invasive treatment for leg pain and back pain. It is a clinically approved treatment provider to help with the pain associated with LSS.


Vertiflex carries out clinically proven treatments for back pain and more. They need a solution for backend data management and also a fully integrated system for managing the workflow. Folio3 provided them with the Netsuite integration solution along with providing them the custom functionalities to streamline the back-end data and functioning.

The Challenge

One of the major challenges while working with Vertiflex was the migration and integration of scattered data for custom scheduling functionality and workflows.


Some of the most prominent solutions that Folio3 provided to Vertiflex are mentioned below.

  • Custom Workflows with NetSuite integration
  • Netsuite automation and scripts
  • Custom shipping schedule solution


Based on Vertiflex’s requirements, we provided them with Netsuite integration and customization for the custom solutions they needed.

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