Property Management Just Got Real: Transform your business with NetSuite

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

2PM (UK Time)

The real estate industry is still dependent on outdated operational procedures which inherently brings efficiency issues into day-to-day processes. A modern system brings data automation, easy management of finances, contracts, leasing, accounting, maintenance, tenants, and much more.

From handling rental payments, maintenance requests, and lease agreements, property managers have to manually manage a vast amount of data and perform multiple daily tasks. This results in errors, inefficiencies, and increased workloads for property managers.

This webinar introduces you to the powerful property management solution specifically designed to automate the manual processes involved in property management, saving time, reducing errors, and freeing up property managers to focus on more strategic tasks.

Key Takeaways

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Meet the Speakers

Gareth Potter

Sales Director Europe & UK
Folio3 Software Inc.

Zaid Aslam

Product Manager
Folio3 Software Inc.

Greg Rogers

Account Executive
Oracle NetSuite

Michael McGavin

Alliance Manager UK
at Oracle NetSuite