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Transform your retail business into an eCommerce driven powerhouse with the power of NetSuite.

Weave a seamless experience for your customers

Distinguish your brand and create a seamless experience for your customers by leveraging the capabilities of a robust customer-facing webstore empowered by the back-office functionalities of NetSuite. Drive growth figures up by scaling operations, avoid common pitfalls and bottlenecks associated with fast growth.

Establish an online presence that creates a lasting competitive advantage for your business.

End-to-end Digital Transformation Solutions by Folio3

Folio3 has nearly two decades of experience in delivering digital transformation solutions and services. Being a NetSuite Alliance Partner as well, Folio3 is perfectly positioned and possesses the necessary expertise to help create a robust and effective e-infrastructure.

From developing tailored web stores, apps, to eCommerce apps, we can help you transform your processes and create a digital infrastructure that gives you that edge over your competitors.

Drive e-Commerce growth with Retail to E-tail Pro

The Retail to E-tail Pro package is designed to help you drive e-Commerce growth up and establish your business as a strong player in the e-Commerce industry. Our package allows you to set up a digital infrastructure quickly and is designed to enable you to scale and grow your business aggressively online.

Complete Web Design for your Brand which includes branded themes

Migration to BigCommerce

NetSuite Wholesale & Distribution Standard Implementation

BigCommerce to NetSuite Integration Connector

Choose One eCommerce Integeration of Your Choice

Reach out to our NetSuite experts for more information on our entire range of NetSuite Integration solutions and personalize the package that suits your business the best. 

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Hear from Our Clients

" Folio3 team was highly organized, providing regular updates. Team efficiently communicated our needs to the team. They promptly offered help and met project deadlines, even with additional questions. They always provided the necessary information and explanations. Working with Folio3 Team has been a pleasure.".

Dalton Casey


" Folio3's international team efficiently organized our project, demonstrating exceptional technical expertise and professionalism. Their proactive communication and effective project management made the integration process positive, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations with their team.".

Travis Austin

Co Managing Partner

" The Autoship feature implemented by the Folio3 team has exceeded our expectations in terms of performance. The number of Autoships has seen a remarkable 500% increase, surpassing our initial projections. Additionally, the product mix on Autoship has evolved positively, with gloves initially representing 90% of sales and now contributing to just 50%, indicating a more diversified offering than anticipated. Conducting a quick survey among our customers has yielded highly positive results, with an impressive 4.5-star rating out of 5.0. The Autoship feature, crafted by the Folio3 team, stands out as a key differentiator for our company and has proven to be a potent catalyst for growth.".

Omar Almidani


" Folio3's work on the project received high praise from our end client, describing the solution as "ELEGANT." Their systematic development and design process, including smaller deliverables and thorough review sessions, not only streamlined efforts but consistently exceeded expectations. Grateful for their exceptional work, I look forward to continued partnership in delivering innovative functionality for our clients.".

Tami Jones

Principal Consultant, Oasis Solutions

" We thank Folio3 for their dedication and hard work over the past 12 months. Folio3 team has been a great help to our organization, and I am proud of the relationship we have built between our colleagues and companies. I look forward to continuing to work with the Folio3 team.".

Daryl Miller

Head of IT - Europe

" Folio3's expertise, professionalism, and dedication in managing a complex migration project involving NetSuite, Magento, and BigCommerce surpassed expectations. Their proactive and collaborative approach and exceptional communication made the process efficient and stress-free. I highly recommend Folio3 for their outstanding results and look forward to working with them again.".

Elyssa McGregor

IT Manager, KAK Industry

" Folio3 team understood our unique requirements and adapted the connector's functionality to suit them. They were responsive throughout the implementation process, addressing UAT issues and ensuring a smooth transition to our live environment from our existing platform. We are delighted with their service and look forward to exploring further enhancements. ".

Vincent Andrew

Supply Chain & Logistics Manager

" Folio3 team consistently demonstrates a remarkable commitment to their roles, understanding our environment and processes to ensure optimal performance within NetSuite. Their availability and willingness to contribute whenever needed are invaluable. They have accommodated our schedules by meeting during late hours. Thank you for fostering an environment that allows excellence to thrive. ".

Gelila Araya

Project Manager

" Folio3 distinguishes itself as an exceptional and collaborative partner, consistently surpassing expectations in project delivery. Their agile problem-solving approach, extensive NetSuite expertise, and unwavering commitment to high standards make them our preferred choice for all future NetSuite requirements.".

Nina Kang

Continuous Improvement Manager

" Folio3 team was crucial in supporting our small team's focus on customer service excellence. Their "whatever it takes" attitude during a complex integration project showcased their commitment, instilling confidence in our ability to support our major customer's growth and innovation in the supply chain. We're fortunate to have them in our corner.".

Rebecca Salajan

VP of Operations

" Folio3 team exceeded expectations with their expertise and seamless management of integrations. Their deep knowledge of NetSuite and proactive approach to identifying and resolving obstacles made the process smooth. Despite unique challenges, the team remained courteous and helpful throughout. Working with Folio3 was a pleasure. Highly recommended!".

Brandon Wilson

Senior E-commerce Manager

" We're grateful for the support and dedication of the Folio3 team on our Magento project. They were exceptionally supportive and efficient in resolving issues after a NetSuite update caused our websites to crash. The team demonstrated high professionalism and collaboration, with the Folio3 team taking a leadership role in promptly addressing problems and maintaining website functionality. Their commitment is greatly appreciated.".

Rachel Parks

Customer Care Associate

" Folio3 team was accommodating, responsive, and knowledgeable. They kept the project moving, ensuring early delivery. We are delighted with their level of service and attention to detail. We have confidently recommended the Folio3 team to our development agency for future customers needing connector services. ".

Vincent Carrotozzolo


" WaveDirect is highly satisfied with Folio3's exceptional communication and support for connector integration issues. The team's impressive responsiveness, insightful solutions, and commitment have improved our integration support process, earning them an excellent rating. We value the enriching experience and look forward to continued collaboration with the Folio3 team.".

Lakhbir Kaur

Merchandising Coordinator

" Folio3 team displayed professionalism, helpfulness, and dedication throughout the project. They were readily available, promptly addressed issues, and provided timely assistance. Their effective communication and commitment to understanding were notable. Working with them has been enjoyable, and we look forward to a continued successful collaboration.".

Brieanne Cameron

Director of Operations

" Folio3 team showcased exceptional qualifications and experience in setting up and integrating Folio3 Property Management Software with Netsuite. They effectively managed project communication, promptly resolved software-related issues, and demonstrated great flexibility in extending the project timeline when needed. Their dedication, professionalism, and support significantly contributed to the project's success.".

Spencer Workman

Head of Accounting & Finance

" Folio3 integration support team is polite and accommodating. We are satisfied with the resolution of our technical issues. Communication with Jo Loves has notably improved since the Folio3 team started working on our account, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of the assistance process and resulting in quicker query resolution.".

Michelle Gilmour

NPD & Operations Director

" Folio3 team, a trustworthy group of NetSuite experts, consistently provides solutions and answers to our questions. Their collaboration and wide-reaching skills in reports and system administration have been invaluable. Folio3 team is patient NetSuite mentors. Every interaction with the Folio3 team has been a learning experience, leaving us with new insights about NetSuite.".

Brittaney Benson

Technical Architect

" I'm delighted with Folio3's support during our onboarding to NetSuite. They understood our business, leveraged their technical skills, and developed the right solutions. They were patient, flexible, and proactive, ensuring timely project delivery. I'm grateful for the collaborative approach and look forward to Folio3's continued support as we scale.".

Alex Morgan

Company Director

" Folio3 has worked with us on two integrations with NetSuite now & both experiences were great! They understand the scenarios & options that might occur before they happen & it saves so much time & effort. Folio3 successfully executed our recent Shopify integration, meeting all our requirements within a tight timeline. We highly recommend them for any NetSuite integration, as their pricing is fair and competitive.".

Rick McInnes

E-Commerce/System Administrator

" Folio3 was extremely qualified within our NetSuite environment & was able to provide advanced proficiency when customizing the integration. I appreciate their ability to navigate the system well & provide the expertise needed to complete the project. We appreciate your hard work & look forward to our continued collaboration.".

Geremy Stowe

Business Analyst

" We're grateful for the exceptional services provided by the Folio3 Team. Their professionalism, timely communication, and prompt responses have left us more than satisfied. The leadership and execution of every aspect of the project align perfectly with our expectations. Moving forward, Folio3 will be our first choice for integration in all our future projects.".

Aly Ciccio

Chief Information Officer

" Folio3 excels in clear communication, simplifying complex information. Their dedication demonstrated through extra hours during our website transition, reflects a strong commitment to ensuring a seamless experience. The team's solid problem-solving skills contribute to their highly commendable performance. ".

Lynnette Schaeffer

Sr. Director Marketing & Training

" Folio3 consistently maintains excellent communication, fostering mutual respect and understanding within the Tropic team. Their reliability in challenging situations and deep NetSuite knowledge ensure high-quality results and effective customization for Tropic's unique requirements.".

Nema Amavasee

Management Accountant

" Folio3 showcased exceptional teamwork, organizational skills, and a clear understanding of NetSuite, providing valuable solutions tailored to our specific needs at Tropic. Their prompt responses and effective communication were crucial during critical project phases, reflecting their strong commitment to success. ".

Nema Amavasee

Cost & Management Accountant - Tropic Skincare Ltd

" We selected NetSuite to manage our business across five countries, including financial control and effective resource deployments on clients’ projects.

The ‘single view of the truth’ provided by a single integrated system was crucial for us ".


" You guys have been great to work with.

The work you have done was massive - you could not have done any more.

It would be great if you could install all our other software for us.

Thanks for everything ".


" The dedication and professionalism of the Folio3 team have been crucial in our implementation. Their experience and expert knowledge guided us to make the most of the power of NetSuite. They also ensured that even our most unusual requirements are catered for by scripting specialist solutions for us. We could not have succeeded without them. ".


" Netsuite allows us to truly understand and manage our business in a way we never could before. We can see each stage of everything that is happening and how our teams are responding. We have complete visibility of what is going on. It enables us to manage the improvement in our business

Folio3 are a fantastic team. The consultants are amazing, and their attitudes reflect the style of the top of the company. The whole implementation process was smooth and a nice experience. ".


" The NetSuite implementation has made a big difference in our day to day work experience by reducing duplication and errors across the team which in turn has led to an increase in productivity and accuracy.

We found the Folio3 team to be flexible and professional in working-around our limitations. We certainly recommend Folio3 to others looking to achieve a successful implementation. ".


" The team at Folio3 were definitely committed to our journey and enabling us to reach our goals, and this exceeded our expectations. They guided us through some key decisions in terms of setup and their expertise was invaluable to ensuring we were able to go live with the confidence that every aspect of what we needed to consider was covered. I would highly recommend working with the Folio3 team.".


" The excellent work on Group Shipment project deserves attention as when reviewed with our end client, they were extremely happy and called the solution “ELEGANT”. This solution impacted multiple business areas and included users that previously had no experience with using NetSuite. The functionality review after each deliverable greatly improved the efforts. The delivery quality was also exceptional.".

Tami Jones

Principal Consultant, Oasis Solutions

" KAK Industry recently had the pleasure of working with Folio3 on a complex migration project involving Netsuite, Magento, and BigCommerce, and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I would highly recommend Folio3 to anyone seeking top-notch assistance with such a project. From the very beginning, the team at Folio3 demonstrated a deep understanding of the Netsuite, Magento, and BigCommerce platforms. What truly set Folio3 apart was its proactive and collaborative approach. They took the time to thoroughly understand our unique business requirements, allowing them to tailor their solutions to meet our specific needs. I cannot recommend Folio3 highly enough for their exceptional assistance with our project. Their expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results make them a standout partner in the field.".

Elyssa McGregor

IT Manager @ KAK Industry

" We were using Salesforce to manage our contract renewals. While it did the job, it wasn't integrated with our NetSuite ERP. We looked at various solutions including NetSuite's own modules. The majority of offerings we saw were aimed at solving a single manufacturer's contracts, and couldn't handle the complexities of a distributor or re-seller managing multiple maintenance contracts, with multiple guidelines. After speaking with 3 developers we chose Folio3, and we're glad we did. Folio3 made it a very easy and accommodating process. We are a small company with limited development staff and limited experience doing custom processes. Folio3 understood our goals clearly, and offered a straight forward statement of work. Unlike others, we didn't feel there was anything being hidden. Throughout the process, communication was steady and responsive. Frankly, I believe they spent most of their time waiting on us more than the reverse! In the end, I think we got a product that met everything we had hoped for. We are looking forward to continuing with our next project with Folio3! ".

Brian Gorne

President Motion Media, LLC

" Folio3 has been an unstoppable NetSuite implementation partner! Working through the ambiguities associated with complex integrations, they have skillfully supported our multiple business units, from production to retail. Their command of the NetSuite product and scope of supporting services is truly impressive, and they continually work to develop novel and comprehensive solutions for our most challenging needs. Going beyond outstanding technical skills, their people are highly responsive, kind and informative, at every turn!".

Adam Marquart

COO, Juice Shop

" Folio3 did a terrific job. Our work involves complex calculations involving government project costing, profitability, taxes and federal compliance. Folio3 was not only able to translate all these requirements into a custom NetSuite application, they did it in record time!".

Shahrooz Shams

Implementation Manager - SaaS Solutions, Daston Corporation

" BioPak was an early adopter of NetSuite in Australia. We use NetSuite’s ERP, CRM and eCommerce platforms, and after initially struggling to find development partners, we engaged Folio3 in early 2016. Their transparency and work ethic has resulted in the rebirth of our desire to forge ahead with important upgrades and developments. The Folio3 team are so easy to deal with and their work exemplary. They guide us through each project and deliver affordable and best of breed solutions. Their after sale service is a redeeming feature and they have shown that they never to walk away from the work they do, when there are a few hurdles after completion. Folio3 has added massive value to our business & their partnership will greatly assist us in growing and managing our business by systemizing most processes and giving us control and functionality to ensure our growth is sustainable, as we take advantage of NetSuite’s true power!".

Gary Smith

CEO, BioPak

" I have nothing but good things to say about Folio3. They are very responsive, thorough, proactive, and the output is always what I ask for. I highly recommend them.".

Tom Bushold

Director IT, SimplyThick

" Foilo3 was great to work with through the whole process. We had a complex set of items and they were great at making the integration seamless and fixed issues very quickly.".

Andrew Worcester

CEO, PoolWeb

" Folio3 was referred to us by a business associate, to help us with a NetSuite Magento integration. Our concern when we started, was to make sure that all of the touch points between Magento and NetSuite could be setup. Everything that we required they covered during the discovery and consulting stage. From start to finish, Folio3 did an incredible job relaying information, completing the work and at the same time being incredibly responsive to our request. I would highly recommend them to anyone. ".

David Latimer

Operations Manager, Orson H. Gygi Company

" Folio3 made my transition to NetSuite so much easier. They understood the needs of both Magento and Netsuite, and offered the best solution to meet the demands of my company. I highly recommend them for your connector needs. ".

Matthew Linde

Senior Manager Web & IT Services, BeautyBlender

" When we switched to NetSuite, we needed a solution that could integrate our new ERP with Magento. Folio3 hit the mark with its ease of use and a cost that fit our budget.".

Ken Neilson

- NetSuite Administrator, Affinity Tool Works

" Folio3 is an excellent partner as they take the time up front to understand the business flow, so that the implementation work they do is optimized to meet those needs. As with any 3rd party implementation partner, communication is critical to success. Good communication from the team at Folio3 makes them a valued partner.".

Richard Cockrell

NetSuite Administrator, Hawk Ridge Systems

" Folio3 has been a great partner for our NetSuite custom developments. They have shown the flexibility and competence needed in understanding our needs and developing to our specs for regular SuiteScript projects as well as our mobile app. ".

Jay Crawford

NetSuite Administrator - Rico Inc.

" Folio3 has been very responsive from the moment we first contacted them. They are able to understand our needs and implement solutions that meet our need and exceed our expectation. What I find most valuable in working with Folio3 is that we’ve never had to wait longer than an hour or two for responses to inquiries. They are courteous, prompt, and deliver a professional quality product. ".

Jarreau Israel

System Admin, Redeye Worldwide Inc.

" We needed an online presence for our business that catered to both our B2B and B2C clientele and we needed it in record time. Folio3 was able to deliver in our timeline, in budget, and has continued to provide us with excellent on-going support. ".

Lee King

Director, Waterbar

" We were very impressed with Folio3’s knowledge of NetSuite & the way they were able to quickly understand our requirements & develop solutions that best fulfilled our needs. The quality of their work far exceeded our expectations. ".

Jon Kurtz

President, Dog Is Good LLC

" We were extraordinarily pleased with the functionality and depth of understanding that Folio3’s solution exhibited after a relatively brief but incisive, project kickoff meeting. Folio3 “gets it“ from the start, relieving us from tedious development discussions drawn out over a long period of time. ".

Anne Thys

VP Logistics, Sundia Corporation

" The development of this app with Folio3 was a great experience. It truly allowed us to develop what we needed for our business!".

Eric McGregor

eCommerce & Operations Manager, Tacoma Screw Products Inc

" Thanks to the eBay-NetSuite integration developed by Folio3, we are able to dramatically increase our eBay sales without adding any extra overhead. Within one week of launch we had already tripled sales wi".

John Dawson

NetSuite Administrator, Hawk Ridge Systems

" The Folio3’s Magento Connector for NetSuite helped us cut down our order processing time by half and has practically eliminated order mix-ups, making our work process so simple and efficient. We’re thrilled to witness the flexibility and the power of customization to bring over every piece of data ​w​e needed from Magento to NetSuite. Literally, I cannot imagine my eCommerce operations without Folio3’s Magento Connector for NetSuite!".


CEO, RuffleButts

" We are very pleased with Folio3’s NetSuite Shopify connector and with their team’s responsiveness to our needs. We have several custom NetSuite features that were tricky to integrate with Shopify but their team worked to find solutions for us. Folio3 was quick to respond to our email support requests and scheduled online meetings when needed. They have a team of engineers to assist with customization requests and we are very happy with the solution they provided to our company.".

Natalie Carpenter

IT Director, Parelli Natural Horsemanship

" Folio3 is an excellent partner as they take the time up front to understand the business flow, so that the implementation work they do is optimized to meet those needs. As with any 3rd party implementation partner, communication is critical to success. Good communication from the team at Folio3 makes them a valued partner.".

Dawn See

Ecommerce Project Manager, Public Bikes

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