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5 Key Stages During NetSuite Adoption within Your Business

User adoption is of pivotal importance when implementing new technologies within your business. For instance, if you are integrating NetSuite within your business, you must take the effort to maximize user-adoption. This particular software platform has with time gained increased usage among companies. However, most business owners tend to have a hard time adopting it into business processes.

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So, what are the stages business owners must go through during the adoption of NetSuite within their business. Here is a quick look:

NetSuite Adaption 5 Key Stages


Ensure your objectives, benefits, management team and end users are strategically positioned around the change initiative.


Create a strong communication plan to promote awareness and minimize surprises.


Educate users on fully tested technology using a role-based, day-in-the-life approach to drive appropriate system usage.


Create a support plan to promote user proficiency and continuing education.


Motivate users through incentives and predetermined performance goals.

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