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Get Ready for NetSuite’s 2015.1 With Folio3

NetSuite’s latest release, 2015.1 is in the process of being rolled out. This new version not only offers a number of new features that will help you better manage your business processes, but also addresses shortcomings in some existing features that were reportedly causing issues for customers. This new release will impact all those customers that have implemented customizations in their NetSuite accounts or are using third party apps and tools integrated with NetSuite, as it may break their functionality, if they have not been thoroughly tested with the new release. As NetSuite development and customization experts, we can help you do so.

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How Can Folio3 Help You Be Prepared For NetSuite 2015.1?

As SDN Partners we have exclusive access to every new NetSuite release well before its public rollout and are intimately familiar with NetSuite’s recommended testing guidelines for each release.

Test Your Existing NetSuite Functionality

With all this early access, we can help you test your existing customizations with release 2015.1, in line with NetSuite’s testing best practices, whether they are: • Forms Level Customizations • Suite Script Customizations • Workflow Customizations OR • Template Customizations

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Upgrade Old RESTlets

With 2015.1, NetSuite is introducing a new oAuth based authentication mechanism for RESTLets, which is far more secure than the legacy username and password based authentication mechanism previously used for RESTlets. With the rollout of Release 2015.1, the old authentication mechanism will be automatically replaced with this new method, and all RESTLets and code that uses the old authentication mechanism will cease to function, if not upgraded. With our NetSuite expertise and knowledge of external systems, we can help you upgrade all such RESTLets and existing system code with the new oAuth based authentication mechanism.

Get Rid of Legacy PDF Templates and Layouts

Ever since the introduction of Release 2014.2 last year, we have been working on Advanced PDF Layouts for Transactions. We’ve even reported back several issues related to PDF Layouts that we discovered in Release 2014.2 to NetSuite, for which NetSuite released patches later on. We can help you fully utilize the new HTML based Templates and Layouts that are being introduced in Release 2015.1.

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Using Folio3 Developed SuiteScripts? Get Them Customized for Release 2015.1 at Discount

If you’re using one or more of our developed SuiteScripts in your NetSuite account, you can get them customized for Release 2015.1 so they are fully compatible. We are offering special discounts to all our customers for SuiteScript customization.

Wondering If Your Folio3 Connector for NetSuite Will Work with Release 2015.1? Don’t Be.

We offer turn-key NetSuite integration solutions (connectors) that link NetSuite with third party CRM and ecommerce systems like Salesforce, Magento and eBay. If you’re using one of our connectors, you don’t have to worry about compatibility with new NetSuite releases. We thoroughly test the functionality of all our integration solutions with every new NetSuite release, to ensure their compatibility with the new version. So if you’re using one of our connectors, you can rest assured of it’s compatibility with 2015.1 We are NetSuite Official Partner, specialized in NetSuite Implementation, Customization and all sort of Connectors. Feel free to write us at [email protected] for any query, to request a quotation or just to say hello.

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