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5 Things About NetSuite Business You May Not Have Known

The face of business management has considerably changed. Ever since Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software came into the picture. Starting from SAP, launched in 1992, the industry has come a long way. We have SAP, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics, Odoo, and most importantly, NetSuite ERP in the market today.

Each of these ERPs offers a unique set of features and functionalities, apart from the generic ERP features. But it is NetSuite ERP that has garnered the most attention. It is deployed in almost every country of the world and offers amazing benefits. In the course of five years, more than 50,000 companies implemented NetSuite ERP into their business operations. NetSuite is a simple software that is super easy to use and implement. It is intelligent and integrated.

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NetSuite is helping companies boost the efficiency of business processes. It does so by improving visibility, save costs, accelerate growth while allowing user-driven innovation. All these features make NetSuite ERP one of the most widely chosen software.

Despite being one of the most popular business management tools, there are things about NetSuite that many of its users don’t know. It is near to impossible to benefit from it completely without knowing the software inside out.

Here are five things about the NetSuite that you probably didn’t know.

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Integration Between Modules

One of the best features of ERP is its ability to support a good workflows across the company. This seamless integration between modules is what allows users to stay connected throughout the processes. Communication is a key factor when it comes to streamlining business operations, and NetSuite offers exactly that.

The smooth flow and sharing of information within different departments of the companies leads to minimized risks and reduces the chance of huge mistakes. When all employees of an organization are on the same page, production only gets better.

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Access Control

A reason why NetSuite has gained so much popularity since its inception is its capability of establishing a centralized management control. All operations of a company can be efficiently managed from a single point, which helps companies streamline their processes.

While using a system with just a single point of management, many business owners become skeptical about unauthorized employees getting access to sensitive company data. Many people are unaware of NetSuite’s functionality, allowing users to control who gets to access which information.

This ERP allows users to change user-permission settings. Companies can use NetSuite and define user roles. This automatically restricts an unauthorized person’s access to sensitive company information. Nobody wants critical company information to leak or end up with the wrong person. NetSuite ERP ensures that this does not happen.

With NetSuite ERP’s feature to have defined user roles and controlling access if the information, companies do have to worry about their information being compromised.

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Strong Information Sharing Network

Another added benefit of NetSuite ERP is high-degree internal collaboration. Sharing information among employees or inter-departmental exchange of information is very simple with this ERP. As discussed, the more connected the employees are in a company, the smoother are the operations.

Miscommunication, access to outdated information, and missing deadlines – all such issues that may arise due to a weak sharing network are eliminated when companies integrate NetSuite ERP into their operations.

Ability to Turn Employees into Revenue Generators

Most of the employees in a company are unable to contribute to the growth and expansion of the business because they are occupied with time-consuming, tedious tasks. Maintaining spreadsheets, manually extracting data, going through piles of paper-based documents are all tasks that take a lot of time and do not contribute much to the company.

NetSuite ERP has the capability to automate all these tedious tasks and turn the employees into revenue generators. The daily tasks that consume most of an employee’s shift hours are all managed through NetSuite. Employees can then focus on tasks that actually make a difference in a company.

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A Robust but Customizable ERP

NetSuite comes with a trait that is hard to find in any other ERP. It is a robust software that can be customized as per the company’s needs. Being a robust platform, NetSuite can be incorporated into a business operating in any industry. But every company has a unique set of requirements, and with NetSuite, the ERP can be customized to address the diverse needs and requirements.

These are the five factors associated with NetSuite ERP that not many users know or understand. These features can considerably change the way a company operates while boosting productivity and enhancing productivity.


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