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8 Actionable Email Segmentation Strategies to Win Back Unengaged Customers

What percentage of your email list are you still blasting with the same old generic message? The bad news is that you’re not going to see much of an impact. Due to the fact that not all of your subscribers are engaged in your event advertising campaigns and/or sales emails. That’s why email segmentation is so important.

Email segmentation is no more a luxury, but a requirement in today’s world. Without giving people what they want, you won’t fulfill your business objectives, make income, or develop trust with your customers. You may boost the number of people who sign up for your newsletter by segmenting your email list and sending more targeted and value-filled communications.

In this section, we’ll cover email list segmentation and the 8 tactics you may employ to improve your email game. But first of all, we have to know what email segmentation is:

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What is the purpose of email segmentation?

An email segmentation strategy uses several variables to classify email subscribers into distinct groups, such as previous purchases, engagement levels, geographic location, and so on.

Email list segmentation is effective because it allows you to target a particular audience with a message that is both useful and relevant in order to boost response rates. Such targeting helps you acquire more customers to open your emails and convert them into customers.

What is the importance of email segmentation?

Segmenting your email list ensures that you aren’t spamming your whole database with the same event marketing message. Your emails are tailored to each individual user depending on their preferences and characteristics.

Your sender and domain reputation will stay intact since you aren’t sending a generic mass email that might impair email delivery.

Users are more likely to engage with highly segmented emails.

Users are less likely to unsubscribe when they are not inundated with emails that are neither irrelevant nor beneficial.

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Actionable Email Segmentation Strategies

It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant franchise or a car wash; your customers are likely to be divided into groups based on their age and gender.

Based on this information, you can segment your customers into groups to better target your marketing efforts.

Age & gender

Segmenting your email subscribers based on their age and gender is a simple process. By requesting a user’s date of birth, you can gather valuable information that can be used for segmentation and the creation of interesting mailings.

Occupation and Sector of the Economy

By gathering information about the recipient’s business or occupation, it is possible to send personalized emails to them all. If your subscribers work in the e-commerce industry, for example, you may send them emails about the topic.

Geographical location

You can provide tailored holiday and seasonal campaigns to your target audience by segmenting them depending on their geographic region.

Segment your customers depending on their purchase behavior

Your clients’ tastes, interests, purchases, and visit times are just some of the ways they are unique to your business.

You may learn a lot about how to market to them by segmenting them based on their user behavior.

Engaged and disinterested customers

The most significant thing you can employ to improve your email performance is the involvement of your customers. As a result, you should develop a list of the people who are most likely to open and respond to your emails.

However, if you send the correct email at the right time, disengaged users might become engaged users. As a result, you may target non-engaged users with re-engagement or win-back emails in a separate section.

Mailigen’s open rates rose from 20% to 29% thanks to behavioral segmentation. Send emails with “amazing symbols” in the subject line to all those who hadn’t responded after the initial email was sent.

The email’s substance was unaltered throughout the exchange. Only 8.6% of those who hadn’t read the initial email had gotten back to us. Using this method, the identical email newsletter saw a 29.1 percent open rate.

Attendance at a conference or webinar

You may categorize your subscribers based on event attendance statistics. Those who attended specific events are likely to be interested in receiving information about those activities. In this way, you may stay in touch with your prospects and provide them with the content they desire.

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Email segmentation based on email activity in the past

Customers can also be segmented based on how they interacted with prior mailings. This method is simple yet powerful. Were your previous emails read or clicked on? A response or a share? We can determine their level of interest by analyzing this data and then send them communications tailored to their needs.

Most newer email automation platforms offer a scoring system within their platform that allows you to rank consumers.

A/B testing is a useful tool.

From the subject line to the call to action, A/B testing is essential. You can send a single email with a slightly different subject line to a single section at the same time. Monitor which email gets the most attention from the audience. Using the winning email to send subsequent emails can help improve email performance.

Then progress to more complex segments.

Even though collecting all this data and then segmenting consumers based on various qualities may feel intimidating at first, it needn’t. To begin, you do not have to be an expert segmenter. As you learn more about your consumers, you can always create new segments. To begin, gather as much data as possible and use demographic data to establish simple segments.

Automate your email marketing campaign.

Email automation guarantees that the correct people receive the right email at the right time. A variety of automation solutions are available, such as Mailmodo, which can connect to a variety of platforms. Using APIs in Mailmodo, you can set it up once and let automation handle the heavy lifting while you spend your time on more pressing concerns. It’s a win-win situation when you integrate APIs.

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Type of Customer or User

Use targeted messages to build a long-term relationship with those who are just discovering your brand. Personalizing your welcome email is an excellent method to accomplish this.

Regular buyer or user

Segment your email list by frequent users who visit your site or buy your stuff. These are the people who open and respond to your emails on a regular basis. Send them unique offers and discounts as though they were your most important customers. You can improve your program by taking their feedback into consideration.

Subscriber on a trial basis

Next, if your organization offers a free trial period, you should focus on converting trial subscribers to full-time customers. These customers should be the focus of your marketing efforts when their trial period finishes. A free or low-cost version of your product is an example of a segment that may be nurtured towards an upgrade using email campaigns.


There is no guarantee that free trial consumers will become paying clients. However, you can still benefit from their input by conducting a customer feedback survey or other means of communication.

The average cost per unit.

It’s likely that customers who spend more time with your product or service will have a different experience with you than those who spend less time with your service or product. Create subgroups for these two unique audiences so that your messages can be more precisely targeted. Show low-volume consumers all the advantages and features they presently enjoy or could obtain by upgrading in tailored nurturing campaigns. Customers that have been loyal for some time should be given additional reasons to stay loyal.

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Type of Email

Enthusiastic users

Identify your most active and engaged users by analyzing email program metrics. Identify the receivers who are the most interested in receiving future emails, and send those messages to a separate list. With each send, you’ll gain more insight into your content’s effectiveness while also building your reputation as a reliable sender.

Interest level

Expand your understanding of how well your emails are being received by segmenting the people who open them and the people who click on the calls to action inside them. You’ll be able to see who was drawn in by your headline, who clicked away after reading your content, and who really took action as a result of all of this. Engaged customers should include those who open and click.

Dormant users

Do not include in your mailing list anyone who has ceased responding to or interacting with your brand’s emails after previously engaging with or responding to them. Then again, don’t give up on these users just yet! Send campaigns aimed at reactivating and regaining the attention of dormant customers. Inactive email receivers should be removed from your list if they don’t open or click on links in your emails within a few months. Rather than risk having inactive users flag your emails as spam, it’s best to say goodbye now rather than risk them marking your list as inactive in the future.

A user’s reaction

You may want to provide your email recipients with the option of responding. It is possible for customers of Twilio SendGrid to delete the “do not reply” address from their message using the Parse Webhook. Emails can be improved by making them a two-way street so that you can get feedback from your recipients. Learn more about the Parse Webhook by visiting our documentation.

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Recently Performed Tasks

The most recent purchase and recent web activity

Your marketing emails may be segmented depending on the products and services your customers have viewed on your website, as well as their previous purchases. The next time you send an email to a subscriber, see what they recently purchased, and then offer them something complementary.

In some cases, if you utilize additional monitoring services, you may observe which pages on your website attracted their attention (depending on the number of clicks and the amount of time spent on each page) and send messages about those specific products.

Segmentation of SMS messages

Text messaging, sometimes known as SMS, is an effective means of reaching a wide range of people. Open rates for SMS are up to 98 percent, compared to 14.5% for email, making it an efficient approach to reach your target audience. Segmenting SMS messages, on the other hand, is critical if you want to encourage client participation and begin a dialogue with them.

SMS audience segmentation can help you increase response rates and build personal interaction with your clients.

Type of person buying the product or service

Because mobile phone usage is on the rise, sending SMS messages to clients is more important than ever. Using SMS segmentation, you may target clients who are more likely to be interested in your promotions and offers.

Bottom Line

Through this blog and our prior series, which included marketing ideas for small company owners, we hope to assist you to grow your firm. We want to not only educate you on the various marketing methods available but also provide you with the tools and resources you need to expand your company’s reach

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