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A Comprehensive Guide to NetSuite Pricing 2021

NetSuite has established itself as the most reliable cloud data ERP solution for businesses of all types and dimensions over the decades. NetSuite is detailed and reliable and is also fully portable, configurable, and customizable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

All of this comes at a price.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive and detailed guide to Oracle NetSuite pricing. We’ll go over the cost of NetSuite execution and NetSuite small business pricing based on the costing of various NetSuite solutions.

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NetSuite Pricing Based on the Suite

NetSuite suites are available in three different editions: Limited Edition, Mid-Market Edition, and Enterprise Edition. These three options primarily determine the price of NetSuite ERP.

  • NetSuite Limited Edition: NetSuite Limited Edition is limited to small businesses and is suitable for investors with fewer than 50 employees who require fewer than ten user licenses.
  • NetSuite Mid-Market Edition: NetSuite Mid-Market Edition is designed for mid-sized businesses with one or more legal entities not requiring more than ten licenses.
  • NetSuite Enterprise Edition: NetSuite Enterprise Edition is designed for large businesses that require more than the basic features of NetSuite.
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NetSuite Pricing Based on the Number of Users

NetSuite pricing models are either simultaneous licensing or titled user licenses in terms of licensing costs per user. NetSuite’s “named user” model is available to end-users.

A few enterprise positions, such as Operations Head, Regulator, Marketing Director, Customer Support Professional, and others, follow a particular user license.

Any user who uses the NetSuite system regularly requires a full user license. Aside from that, there are user licenses for people who only perform specific tasks.

Pricing for Advanced NetSuite Modules

Depending on the company’s distinct attributes, more or less than the basic NetSuite CRM and ERP software features may be required. The developed modules are used in this situation. NetSuite has an excessive lot of technological modules that you can purchase separately.

Advanced NetSuite modules have “à la carte” costing, but you can often purchase them all as an Industry-specific suite of tools. NetSuite developed modules and industry-specific suites are priced differently depending on which edition you choose, such as Limited, Mid-Market, or Enterprise.

NetSuite has a very adaptive approach and a modular licensing model, which gives you a lot of speed and power to bring and change modules as needed.

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Small Business NetSuite Pricing

NetSuite has a Small Business Suite that is designed specifically for startups and small businesses. NetSuite’s Oracle Small Business Suite is designed to meet the ERP needs of small businesses.

Small businesses have previously avoided NetSuite due to its high base price and options geared toward large corporations.

When Oracle acquired NetSuite, it introduced a pre-packaged local business suite with remedies and was reasonably priced. NetSuite has continued to offer attractive packages for micro or small businesses. NetSuite also appeared on enchanted occasions with many starter packages at reasonable prices and with additional benefits.

Cost of NetSuite Execution

When it comes to NetSuite operational cost, it’s difficult to give a direct answer because the intricacies, obstacles, and prices vary based on the customer’s needs. However, we would like to provide a more comprehensive analysis of this financial aspect.

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Analyze and Evaluate

The majority of NetSuite implementation services will begin with reviewing and analyzing the project scope and difficulties. The scope, intricacy, and theoretical framework will differ depending on the industry. The primary goal is to become acquainted with the implementation team and, as a result, find a solution that can meet your needs. A Business Requirement Document (BRD) must be created, and the setup and requisite alternatives will be decided based on the manuscript.

Installation and Configuration

The tasks related to configuration and deployment begin once BRD is completed and ultimately acknowledged. Over a 10- to 14-week time frame, there must be at least 2-3 configuration sessions per week, depending on the implementation project and due dates for different objectives. After that, user acceptance testing (UAT) should be performed before it goes online. The cost of the entire implementation is influenced heavily by the configuration and deployment efforts. Typically, two-thirds of a project’s effort is spent on configuration and deployment.

An implementation that is exceptional to you

NetSuite has many customizations, which are great for automating processes and connecting the dots left by standard NetSuite features. When it comes to NetSuite customizations, customers typically have two choices: Suite Scripting and Suite Flow.

Suite Scripting enables developers to create adaptable, highly customized business logic for NetSuite implementations that are applied to individual business requirements. Suite Scripting aids in the automation of business processes as well as the creation of entirely new business apps.

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Integration with NetSuite

Finally, NetSuite is expandable, allowing integration businesses to grow NetSuite’s ability to integrate with other guiding apps. Customers benefit from the Suite Cloud platform in this regard.


NetSuite’s extremely modular framework is exceptionally beneficial in lowering the overall NetSuite cost associated with licensing and execution. You may select the package that you think is best suited to your business and budget.

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