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Explaining Order to Cash Process in NetSuite


If optimized, the order-to-cash process can yield beneficial outcomes for a business, including a stronger relationship with customers, enhanced customer experience, cost reduction, and much more!

However, businesses tend to concentrate their resources on processes before order placement.

By optimizing the product research processes, product quality, and marketing, businesses often overlook the order-to-cash processes.

An inefficient O2C process impacts other departments within a business which adversely affects payment timeframes, invoice creation, and invoice distribution.

Thanks to integrated software solutions such as NetSuite, businesses can optimize their O2C processes. These technological solutions cut costs and raise revenues through the automation of business processes such as invoicing, payment receipts, and more.

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Order to Cash Process in NetSuite: A Step-by-Step Guide

The order to cash cycle refers to all the processes involved in the order processing system. O2C includes order management, credit management, and payment collection.

Optimizing this process through NetSuite’s integrated software solutions produces benefits that positively impact all departments within a business and drive a company’s success.

Here are the steps involved in the other Order to Cash Process in NetSuite:

Step 1: Order Placement

The O2C process is initiated when a customer places an order at your eCommerce website.

An efficient order management system minimizes delays in order processing and eliminates the chances of duplicate entry.

Without a structured order management system, your business will face several setbacks such as delivering the wrong items to customers or delayed deliveries.

This will not just adversely affect customer perception of your business but will also incur costs to your company to fix issues with orders and renew customer relationships.  

Step 2: Order Processing

The next stage is getting the order ready for shipping. A systematic software solution such as NetSuite smooths out the order fulfillment process.

Through the software, pickers will know where to find the items ordered in your warehouse. Hence, the order can be prepared for delivery as seamlessly as possible.

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Step 3: Shipping

Order shipments are delivered to customers in this step. NetSuite automates some processes related to shipments such as sending an email to the customer when their order has been dispatched.

Businesses can even send out tracking information to customers automatically, allowing clients to track their orders every step of the way and know when to expect order arrival.

Step 4: Invoice Creation

NetSuite generates invoices and sends them to the customer automatically unless payment had already been made at the time of order placement. Automating invoice creation minimizes the chances of errors and streamlines the process.

Step 5: Payment

After receiving an invoice, the customer sends payment for their order. Through integrated O2C software, businesses can offer several payment methods such as credit and debit cards, electronic transfers, etc.

The easier it is for customers to make payments, the more revenue your company will generate. You could provide customers the option of making payments on delivery, but this can delay payments.

Step 6: Recording Payment in General Ledger

The accounts receivable department updates payment receipts in the general ledger.

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Benefits of Optimizing the Order-to-Cash Process with NetSuite

The O2C is too complex and involves several manual processes which make it difficult to manage. Often issues require quick solutions but this results in interruptions in cash flow.

Businesses can facilitate cash flow by reducing the time between order placement and delivery and streamlining the payment process. Hence, the best place to evaluate and tweak is the O2C process.  

NetSuite automates parts of the O2C process which reduces the chances of errors and improves customer-business relations. Let’s discover the benefits of the Order to Cash Process in NetSuite:

  • Creating Revenue:

Simplifying O2C processes such as purchase, order fulfillment, invoicing, and convenient payment methods result in quicker revenue generation. Plus, it enhances customer satisfaction, encouraging them to purchase from you again.

It is also the key to building customer loyalty which increases sales and revenue.

  • Enhancing Customer Experience:

The O2C process is the gateway to building customer relations.

Using a comprehensive O2C software solution to streamline payments, invoicing, and shipments ensure the right items are delivered to customers without delays.

Quick delivery and a simple O2C enhance customer experience.

  • Minimizing Costs:

With an organized O2C, your business processes will become more streamlined. The automated O2C process minimizes and reduces errors and makes payment processing easier.

This improved efficiency means your business doesn’t have to spend substantial sums on correcting your mistakes. Plus, any business can bring down its costs with enhanced efficiency and streamlined business processes.

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Order to Cash Process in NetSuite

There are many reasons why optimizing the O2C process is beneficial for a business. The O2C impacts all aspects of the company, including supply chain management, inventory, and most importantly, customer relations.

Managing a streamlined and reliable O2C with NetSuite shows you know how to run your business.

A well-managed O2C makes companies stand out from competitors and excel in business operations including sales, marketing, accounting, shipping, etc.

Automating operations involved in the order to cash cycle frees up resources that you can invest in the growth of your business. Plus, automated processes reduce bottlenecks related to customer order fulfillment.

NetSuite ensures all processes, from order placement to delivery and payment receipt run as smoothly as possible. This helps raise revenue and minimize costs for the business.

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NetSuite ERP offers businesses powerful tools that they can use to enhance business processes including the order to cash cycle. The main aim of the ERP platform is to minimize manual work and boost efficiency.

With NetSuite, you can stay abreast with all departments of your business on a centralized platform. From inventory management to order fulfillment and payments, everything is under your control.

Order to Cash Process in NetSuite is straightforward not just for customers, but for the business too. This facilitates cash flow within a business. The quicker the customer pays you, the faster your revenue rises, thanks to NetSuite’s powerful capabilities.

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