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Exploring the Power of NetSuite Memorized Transactions

Sometimes, we find ourselves doing the same thing over and over again in NetSuite. It can get tiresome and make you lose interest in that particular task. To address this issue, NetSuite has a solution called NetSuite Memorized Transactions

If you have yet to hear about it, this blog is just what you need! Say goodbye to those repetitive transactions and welcome the power of memorized transactions in NetSuite.

What are NetSuite Memorized Transactions?

In NetSuite, memorized transactions provide a handy solution for making repetitive tasks more efficient. You can create reusable templates that act as blueprints for recurring transactions, such as invoices, bill payments, or journal entries. 

Setting up these templates to generate automatically at specific intervals saves you time on manual input and minimizes errors. This functionality is precious for businesses dealing with routine transactions like monthly rent or subscription fees. It helps ensure accuracy and consistency in maintaining financial records.

In NetSuite, you can memorize the following transactions:

  • Checks
  • Deposits
  • Credit Cards
  • Purchase Orders
  • Bills
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Cash Sales
  • Journal Entries
  • Statement Charges
  • Work Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Transfer Orders
  • Opportunities
  • Custom Transactions

How to Create Memorized Transactions in NetSuite?

This section will guide you through creating a memorized transaction in NetSuite. We’ll walk you through the steps, from navigating to the memorized transaction page to saving your transaction. 

So, let’s dive in and learn how to create a memorized transaction in NetSuite!

Step 1: Go to the Memorized Transaction Page

  • Log in to NetSuite and go to the Home page.
  • Click “Transactions” in the top menu, then choose “Memorized Transactions.”
  • This takes you to a page where you can manage your saved transactions.

Step 2: Start a New Transaction

  • On the Memorized Transaction page, click “New.”
  • Pick the type of transaction you want to create, like a sales or purchase order.
  • Fill in the details, like customer information, amount, and other needed information.
  • Save the transaction to add it to your list of memorized transactions.

Step 3: Choose the Transaction Type

Follow the same steps as before: go to the Memorized Transaction page and click “New.”

  • Select the type of transaction you want (e.g., sales order, purchase order, etc.).
  • Enter all the needed details, including customer/vendor information and amounts.
  • Save the transaction to finalize your choice.

Step 4: Enter Transaction Details

  • Click “New” on the Memorized Transaction page.
  • Pick the transaction type you need.
  • Fill in all the necessary details, such as customer information and amounts.
  • Double-check everything for accuracy before saving the transaction.

Step 5: Save Your Transaction

  • Go to the Memorized Transaction page and click “New.”
  • Choose the transaction type.
  • Enter the details as required.
  • Click “Save” to store the transaction for later use.

These steps make creating and saving repetitive transactions in NetSuite easy for quicker and more accurate data entry.

Editing a Memorized Transaction

1. Find the Memorized Transactions Page: Find the section where your saved transactions are stored.

2. Choose the Transaction: Click on the one you want to change.

3. Hit “Edit”: Look for the “Edit” button or option associated with that transaction.

4. Make Changes: Modify necessary details—like amounts, dates, or customer info.

5. Save: Once you’re done, save the updated transaction.

Deleting a Memorized Transaction

1. Locate the Memorized Transactions Section: Find where your saved transactions are listed.

2. Identify the Transaction: Select the one you want to remove.

3. Access the Transaction: Click to open the details of that particular transaction.

4. Find the Delete Option: Look for a button or prompt that allows deletion.

5. Confirm Deletion: Click to confirm and remove the transaction from your list.

By deleting memorized transactions when needed, you can keep your records organized and avoid clutter in your saved transactions section. These steps make it easy to tweak or remove saved transactions, giving you control and flexibility in managing your financial data.

Customizing the Memorized Transactions List

You can personalize what you see when you check out the Memorized Transactions list. Here’s how to do it:

1. Head to Transactions > Management > Enter Memorized Transactions > List.

2. Hit “Customize View.”

If you don’t see the Results section, click the Results subtab.

3. Choose extra fields or modify the ones you already have from the Fields column.

4. To know if transactions are set to be emailed, click on Transaction Fields. Then, in the pop-up, select To Be Emailed from the Transaction Field list.

5. Each time you finish a change, click Add or OK.

6. Once you’ve made all your adjustments, hit Save.

Benefits of Using Memorized Transactions in NetSuite

Saving Time

NetSuite Memorized transactions are a total time-saver! How, you ask? Well, think of them as these magical templates that remember all the nitty-gritty details of a transaction. Instead of repeatedly punching in the same information, you create it once and reuse it whenever needed. Just imagine the hours you’ll save by skipping all that repetitive data entry! It’s like having a cheat code for super quick and hassle-free transactions. 

Reduced Errors

Who likes mistakes? Nobody! But guess what? Memorized transactions are like superheroes when it comes to fighting errors. They save the day by eliminating the need to manually enter data every single time, reducing the chances of typos and slip-ups. You must set it up accurately once, and NetSuite takes care of the rest. Say goodbye to incorrect numbers and say hello to precise, error-free records!

Increased Efficiency

Memorized transactions are the superheroes of efficiency, making your life easier by automating routine tasks. With just a few clicks, you’re good to go! No more wasting time on repetitive work. And the best part? Errors take a backseat so you can focus on what matters – growing your business and making it thrive!


NetSuite Memorized Transactions revolutionize repetitive tasks, making financial management more efficient and accurate. With reusable templates for routine transactions, businesses can save time and minimize errors. 

You can easily create, edit, and customize these transactions, streamlining data entry and maintaining precise records. Memorized transactions are a powerful solution that automates mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

By embracing this feature, you can transform everyday tasks into a seamless process, empowering your business to thrive with precision and effectiveness in managing your financial operations.

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