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How Does Automated Data Synchronization Help Improve Business Efficiency

Maintaining accurate data is essential for any business in this day and age. Without this, even the most basic services are compromised, driving customers to alternative companies. Not only are customer-related functions like marketing and sales dependent on the correct storage and utilization of data, but also internal aspects with regards to smooth operations and employee satisfaction. Previously, companies had to spend long hours manually entering and transferring data from one platform to another, which was not only an inefficient use of resources but also left much room for human error. Now, a much better alternative is available. ERPs like Oracle NetSuite automate data synchronization, making the process quicker and more efficient and eliminating inconsistencies. Some ways through which this is achieved are:

Saved Time:

Automatic synchronization of data makes business processes much more time-efficient. Previous hours spent by employees on manual data entry are now saved, and these efforts refocused on core business processes. As information is stored on a cloud server and automatically updated, there is also no longer a need to be at a physical location or transfer it back and forth between different platforms for all parties to be able to access it. Furthermore, the business also saves time due to the reduction of errors from manual data entry that could be carried on in shipping and delivery processes.

Employee Satisfaction:

Implementing a system that automatically synchronizes data makes different job functions much easier for employees. It saves them from the tedious process of completing such tasks manually and thus allows for better allocation of resources, increasing the efficiency of the business as a whole unit. Furthermore, this also improves the internal functioning of the company, making processes such as human resource tasks and processing payrolls quicker. This serves to increase employee satisfaction, ultimately boosting productivity and driving the business to greater efficiency.

Targeted Marketing:

Accurate data allows for companies to employ practices that will reap the maximum benefit with minimum input. With access to data about customer behaviour and preferences, is it possible to launch targeted marketing campaigns and use Artificial Intelligence to ensure that consumers are being provided with options that will maximize sales? The increase in accuracy with regards to sales and marketing processes not only saves money but also yields better results in a shorter time period.

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Decreased Costs:

Automated synchronization of data and the resultant benefits to various business processes decreases the running costs of a business. As companies save time, better utilize their resources, and have increased productivity, the company can perform better with the same amount of investment. Furthermore, the reduction of errors while performing various functions also saves the sum that would have been spent in reversing such issues, such as increased delivery costs.


In conclusion, switching to a system that automatically updates and synchronizes data can contribute greatly towards an increase of efficiency in business processes. Companies not only save time but also perform better with the same resources due to increased productivity driving from employee satisfaction. They can employ targeted sales and marketing strategies with access to accurate data and also lower the costs of running the business by avoiding errors and saving time. Thus, integrating a business with an ERP like NetSuite can be very impactful on the efficiency of all business processes.

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