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How Will Syncing Your Amazon Store with NetSuite Help

The modern retail world is ruled by eCommerce. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the eCommerce industry only flourished. This industry is now a major contributor to the global economy, and its share is only expected to grow. Countless online retail stores are emerging from every corner of the world, making the market too competitive for online retailers to succeed.

Given the competitiveness of the market, many retailers are now choosing to set up Amazon stores. Amazon, the largest eCommerce company, gives a chance to retailers to establish an additional stream of online buyers.

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Managing an Amazon Store

With an Amazon store, you get access to more than 183 million buyers. Getting access to this huge traffic towards an online store would take months and even years through SEO and other search engine marketing techniques. It is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms globally, which means that stores here are much more credible than any other online store. Not to forget that this platform offers support and infrastructure, make it easy for retailers to set up their businesses.

While it is true that setting up an Amazon store is easier than setting up an independent online store, it comes with its own set of complexities. But staying at the top requires a lot of effort, even on Amazon. From managing orders to maintaining inventory and gathering data to designing growth strategies, running an Amazon store requires much more than just ‘high-quality products’ to prosper.

Completing the Equation with NetSuite

Not all retailers who head to Amazon are successful – it needs patience and, of course, smart tools to get ahead of the game. It is where NetSuite comes into play. NetSuite ERP is one of the leading tools in the industry and is used in almost every country’s corporate sector.

If you wish to take your Amazon store towards success, opting for NetSuite Amazon Integration is the smartest choice. It lets you seamlessly manage and track orders, leading to minimized bad reviews on Amazon and a huge network of satisfied customers. In addition to this, it also lets you stay on top with efficient inventory management.

Thinking of how exactly can your Amazons store benefit from NetSuite integration? Amazon Connectors by Folio3 is the answer. It is an Amazon integration app designed to help make your store’s management easy, simple, and convenient. One of the major ways this can help you effectively manage your store is by freeing you of the worries associated with syncing your Amazon Seller Central account and NetSuite account.

Irrespective of where you’re running your store from, Folio3’s Amazon Connector for NetSuite will let you excel in every marketplace.

Satisfied Customers with Efficient Inventory Management

One of the most important elements of a successful Amazon store is an efficiently managed inventory. Make sure you never have to say ‘out of stock’ to a customer, as nothing infuriates shoppers than this statement. You can easily keep track of inventory using your NetSuite Amazon Connector.

Effective Order Fulfillment

The connectors are a way to keep your NetSuite account in sync with your Amazon Seller Central Account, which means from procurement to delivery, you can track everything with ease. The consumers you are dealing with today love nothing more than the phrase, ‘your order has been shipped.’ With this NetSuite Amazon Integration, you know exactly when an order has been fulfilled, and you can update the customers accordingly.

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Returns Management and Refund Surety

One of the toughest phases for every retailer is to process refunds and cater to return requests. Many Amazon store owners struggle to keep up and make wrong decisions, such as upholding a client’s refund without any strong justification. With NetSuite integration in your Amazon store, you can ensure timely refunds and returns.

Customizing Amazon Store to Suit Your Needs

Another amazing benefit of syncing your Amazon with NetSuite is that it lets you customize your store in any way that makes it easy for you to manage. Every Amazons store demands a different way to manage things, and with an Amazon Connector, you can do exactly that. You can customize it by adding new functionalities and designing custom flows.

From manual data entry to inefficient order management, NetSuite Amazon Connector makes running an Amazon store easy. By eliminating tedious tasks, such as manual data entry, NetSuite will allow you to adopt data automation.

Still thinking of the smartest ways to manage your Amazon store? There is only one answer – NetSuite with Folio’s  NetSuite Amazon Integration.

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