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Live Webinar: Learn How Blackline Can Help Transform Your Close & Reconciliations

Are you also eager to learn about Blackline? Well, then, Folio3 has fulfilled the wish. Folio3 is conducting a webinar on Blackline and its unbeatable perks! Avail the opportunity and gain all the knowledge on Blankline, how to use Blackline to gain global visibility and insight into accounting processes while reducing risk, and much more.

What is Blackline?

BlackLine Account Reconciliations is designed to streamline all aspects of the account reconciliation process. It adds the proper controls and automation, imports data from any source, and is compatible with all major ERP systems.

BlackLine develops solutions that modernize finance and accounting functions to increase productivity and find accounting errors before they become problems. BlackLine products work together to eliminate processes that rely on manual, error-prone spreadsheets. Streamlining account reconciliation frees you from error-prone manual practices to ensure accurate and efficient accounting activities. BlackLine set free clients from outdated practices and empowers finance and accounting professionals to work smarter, more efficiently, and more accurately. Customers all over the world use her BlackLine.

BlackLine’s cloud platform brings together the experience of more than 335,000 of her people worldwide to accurately, securely, and efficiently perform critical accounting tasks, from reconciliations and journal entries to intercompany invoicing and closing.

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Adjustment Standardization, Control, and Optimization

Account Reconciliations automates and standardizes the reconciliation process to produce high-quality, accurate financial statements. Promotes accuracy in financial closing by providing accountants with a streamlined way to verify the accuracy and adequacy of financial statements. Accountants can quickly compare general ledger, bank, and other data, investigate discrepancies, attach support documents, and take necessary actions from an intuitive integrated workspace.

Streamline the Voting Process

BlackLine provides accountants with an intuitive interface for accounting reconciliations, including standardized templates, preparation, approval, review workflows, links to policies and procedures, and built-in storage of supporting documents.

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Significant Improvement in Internal Control

Account Reconciliations replaces the manual paper-based spreadsheets of the old world by maintaining proper segregation of duties, creating read-only records after authentication, automatically adding new ERP accounts, and gaining unprecedented visibility into accounting processes. Eliminate risk.

Process Standardization And Optimization

Enforce standardization throughout the reconciliation process to improve the quality and accuracy of your financial data. A modernized approach to defining account reconciliation processes reduces errors and inaccuracies, allowing accountants to focus on analysis, risk mitigation, and exception handling.

About Webinar:

In this webinar, you will learn how Blackline can help your business accelerate financial close and accounting processes with reduced risk and create more time for analysis

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