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Managing Your Customer Support with NetSuite Folio3 Zendesk Connector

Discover how automating the data transfer between Zendesk and NetSuite with the NetSuite Folio3 Zendesk connector may streamline your customer service.

Economic worries dominate the headlines. Costs associated with acquiring new customers (CAC) are getting worse. Never before has the importance of customer retention been so clear. To remain competitive, businesses must offer superior consumer experiences. They also require improved productivity, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making to outwork their competitors.

With Folio3, you can get through the daily customer service craziness with our incredible, certified NetSuite Folio3 Zendesk connector integration. Your software stack can be unified for cost savings, increased operational effectiveness, and data analytics advantages.

Well, first things first, let’s look at Zendesk NetSuite integration and the top challenges that every business is now facing in terms of customer support.

Zendesk NetSuite integration:

The connectivity between Zendesk and NetSuite enables you to link your sales and financial systems with customer success data. You can provide better customer service, raise your CSAT rating, and keep more users by integrating Zendesk with NetSuite’s back office.

The Zendesk app and the powerful ERP system from NetSuite are connected through integration. Users of NetSuite and Zendesk can seamlessly interchange data on both platforms and gain access to a consolidated picture of:

  • relationships with customers
  • help tickets
  • Customer communications from the past

One source of truth for all of your data is where the strength of NetSuite solutions rests. Connecting the two platforms provides numerous significant advantages.

Thanks to the integration between the two systems, you may immediately update customer data in NetSuite depending on inputs provided in Zendesk. Customer comments, support issues, and inquiry data may be imported into NetSuite and used to drive business operations.

Integration also lessens manual and redundant data entry, improving data accuracy.

The integration of Zendesk with NetSuite enables you to maximize the use of your customer and financial data. Let’s examine Zendesk’s advantages and why you should integrate it with your ERP system.

Challenges that Businesses are Encountering with Customer Support.

  1. Respond to tough inquiries from clients.
  2. Recognizing the needs of customers
  3. Taking care of and exceeding client expectations
  4. Customer request is outside of what you can provide and do.
  5. Managing irate clients
  6. Selecting the appropriate tools and software to serve several consumers simultaneously.
  7. managing service disruptions
  8. Overload of service tickets
  9. recruit and train customer service representatives
  10. Long support or response times
  11. Service or product gaps
  12. giving customers omnichannel assistance

Overview of NetSuite’s Folio3 Zendesk Connector

As we stated above, It can take a lot of work to keep track of customer support operations across many systems, which may cause delays and inefficiencies. But, Folio3 has the solution to it. You can seamlessly sync customer support data from Zendesk to NetSuite using the NetSuite Folio3 Zendesk connector, giving you a comprehensive overview of your client interactions in one location.

How does NetSuite Folio3’s Zendesk connector work?

By fully removing data entry from both systems and integrating your NetSuite back office and Zendesk, Folio3 NetSuite Zendesk Connector enables you to offer outstanding customer service and assistance. For exceptional service delivery, this turn-key solution does away with data entry and blends customer support with back-office tasks. Build a seamless infrastructure for your online business by gaining end-to-end visibility of your customers, whether you are serving individuals or businesses.

The Key Feature of NetSuite’s Folio3 Zendesk Connector

Some of the main features of the NetSuite Folio3 Zendesk connector are:

Massive Customizations

Configure your Zendesk integration and add appropriate features and processes for your company.

Live Dashboards

Obtain a full view of the integration’s state and synced data.

Simple Deployment

Deployment is quick and simple and doesn’t need any coding.

Centralized Ticket Management

Zendesk tickets are automatically synced with NetSuite (Support) cases through centralized ticket management and vice versa.

Sync up Attachments.

Two-way synchronization of documents and images that are connected to tickets.

Combined Customer Information

Sync clients from Zendesk to NetSuite without interruption.

Other features include:

  • Option to only sync Zendesk Tickets with a specific tag to NetSuite
  • For Enterprise subscribers, Zendesk Apps for NetSuite are available. (Also includes a customer search feature, all sales orders, and balances)
  • View NetSuite Sales Orders in Zendesk using the Custom Records Tab (Warranty, RMA) created following your NetSuite requirements.
  • Migration of NetSuite Cases to Zendesk Tickets * Zendesk to NetSuite Time Tracking
  • Historical ticket migration
  • Free access to “Bulk Zendesk Organisation Update,” our first Enterprise Import App, to update Zendesk Orgs name. Add as many records as you want to Zendesk. Quickly import the user’s time zone, picture, preferred language, etc.
  • Available Integration Number
  • Any number of records is possible.
  • Sync whenever you want
  • Sync Planning
  • Email and 24/7 support
  • Phone assistance

Benefits of using NetSuite Folio3 Zendesk connector

  1. For a 360-degree view of their customers, our clients can combine back-office tasks with customer service.
  2. Our NetSuite’s Folio3 Zendesk connector allows automatic data synchronization for up-to-the-minute data correctness.
  3. You will receive immediate deployment, meaning none of our clients must code.
  4. There is complete customization possible. Our solution can be modified to meet the needs of your company.
  5. You’ll receive frequent automated updates.

The Last Say:

Enterprises may offer better customer service thanks to the NetSuite Folio3 Zendesk integration. You can assist your clients when and when they need it by offering omnichannel assistance. A successful company must provide exceptional customer service, but strong operations management keeps the organization running.

Businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their organization when they integrate customer, financial, and operational data. Data sharing between operational and customer service applications improves visibility. Breaking down data silos is necessary when client retention, cross-selling, and upselling are critical to revenue development.

Folio3 wants to ensure you get the most out of your NetSuite setup. We can help you integrate Zendesk or other CRM systems into your NetSuite setup. 

Please feel free to call or email our professional expert to book a demo or to find out about the pricing!


How are NetSuite and Zendesk integrated using the Folio3 connector?

An installed and configured NetSuite SuiteApp in your NetSuite ERP is the Folio3 NetSuite Zendesk integration. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about any integration-related downtime brought on by third-party server failure.

What kind of system is Zendesk?

Open and adaptable Zendesk SunshineTM is a native AWS CRM platform. Wherever it resides, connect all your customer data for broad context, and give administrators and developers the resources they need to create the greatest user interfaces.

How often does the data integration synchronize?

Every 15 minutes, the minimum timeframe established by NetSuite, data is synced across using the Folio3 NetSuite Zendesk connector. The connector can be set up to operate at longer intervals, though.

Is Zendesk a SaaS or a CRM?

A simple-to-use cloud-based CRM application, Zendesk Sell, aids sales teams in engaging with clients, accelerating and shortening sales cycles, and enhancing client retention. As a result, Zendesk Sell has been named a 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant CRM leader for customer engagement.

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