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Why Do We Need Connectors

To transform your business into an advanced data-driven enterprise, you require ERP connectors to integrate your legacy data. ERP connectors guarantee seamless data transfer by serving as a middleware to integrate an ERP such as NetSuite.

If you want to automate order-to-cash business processes, it’s essential to integrate NetSuite with the existing environment. NetSuite is one of the leading ERP and CRM platforms to manage and customize operations, finances, and customer relations.

Read along to learn about the importance of connectors that facilitates businesses to enjoy the three main services of NetSuite ERP – implementation, customization, and integration.

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Importance of Connectors to Implement NetSuite ERP

Before discussing connectors, let’s briefly discuss the advantages of the ERP system. An ERP system offers multiple benefits to streamline the business processes and improve customer relations.

For instance, NetSuite is one of the leading cloud ERP solutions with more than 12,000 customers across 100 countries.


NetSuite has additional features to match the business processes and other requirements instead of fitting the business into a software application. Furthermore, the organizations can manage all the workflows from a unified system.

The automation and management of different tasks, such as finance, accounting, and sales, improve customer experience and retention rates. Furthermore, the standardization of the processes ensures timely responses to the customers.


NetSuite offers complete customization to design the processes according to the business requirements. From cash collection to repurchasing, the companies can customize the reporting templates and designs.


NetSuite is a single application with capabilities to manage all the business tasks on a unified platform. Moreover, it can integrate all the business processes, including employees and customer databases, finance, projects, sales, services, and operations.

Integrating all the company’s data can significantly improve timely reporting, leading to proactive decision-making by the stakeholders.

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Main Reasons to Use ERP Connectors

Connectors are essentially pre-built templates or applications that connect the ERP system with an existing system of any enterprise. Therefore, businesses can only reduce manual tasks by implementing a centralized ERP solution.

Following are some advantages of using ERP connectors:

  • Plug-and-play – ERP connectors are pre-designed and readily available, which means the teams only need to connect the two systems without any programming or coding.
  • Error reduction – ERP connectors offer error-free operations without manual data entry or administration, thus reducing errors and delays. The teams no longer need to maintain separate spreadsheets and export data.
  • Enhanced utilization – Businesses can quickly deploy ERP connectors, allowing them to update data in real-time. Moreover, different teams can share the reports, thus eliminating redundancy.
  • Increase in Revenue – The companies can generate more revenue by automating the business processes and making timely decisions by analyzing the insights presented in the reports.
  • Improves customer experience – The sales teams can access the client information from the centralized ERP solution, thus devising strategies to increase customer retention.
  • Time and Resource Saving – The companies no longer need to build separate workflows; instead, ERP connectors can sync all the workflows at a unified platform.
  • Improved Visibility – The companies can implement a transparent ERP system with complete visibility of the inventory and sales orders.
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NetSuite Application Connector

The organizations can use NetSuite integration connectors to connect other NetSuite API to fetch the data from the NetSuite database to create recurring business flows and reporting templates. Not only that, but they can also automate different notifications and integrations.

Consequently, the connectors offer the desired agility and flexibility to the companies necessary for business growth.

NetSuite Connector

Suppose a company wants to manage numerous sales and distribution channels while ensuring product data synchronization on all the E-commerce storefronts. In that case, it can use NetSuite Connector to serve the purpose. The connector assists the company in automating and integrating data transformation among all the systems, including online marketplaces, point of sale (PoS), and thor-part logistics.

The primary purpose of NetSuite is to centralize the data, thus eliminating manual data entry, errors, data exports, and other processes.

Ecommerce Connector

The companies can connect NetSuite with the ecommerce store to manage the product items. NetSuite allows the business to add, update, and remove product information across all the online commerce channels. This way, the ERP connectors ensure accurate inventory updates.

Moreover, NetSuite can handle orders, refunds, returns, order cancellations to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Logistics Connector

The businesses can connect NetSuite with 3PL providers to ensure efficient and fast shipping and order processing.

To sum up, ERP connectors are the most effective solutions to automate and integrate business workflows. Moreover, the companies can map data-to-data synchronization without requiring a development team.

The Certified NetSuite Alliance Partner is helping companies implement, integrate, and customize efficiently, specifically, NetSuite ERP. By introducing to the world effective tools for NetSuite Integration, such as NetSuite Amazon Connector, Folio3 is acquiring a top spot in the market.

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