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Mastering Manufacturing: An Introduction to NetSuite’s Manufacturing Modules

For growing factories and companies in the manufacturing setup, picking the right computer programs is super important. These programs help manage the business and make it work better.

NetSuite manufacturing modules are the top choice for manufacturing companies, and there are several reasons why. NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP system provides a comprehensive business solution for firms of all sizes, making it easy to manage operations efficiently. 

Furthermore, NetSuite includes all the necessary elements for a comprehensive and future-proof ERP system, such as planning production, ensuring quality control, managing finances, and generating reports. 

Let’s understand more about NetSuite manufacturing modules in this detailed blog.

Why use Netsuite Manufacturing Modules?

Manufacturers benefit from NetSuite’s comprehensive features and flexibility. NetSuite is a highly flexible business platform that stands out from others due to its adaptability. 

It recognizes that every business is unique and allows users to customize processes according to their requirements. This flexibility ensures that the platform remains valuable as business processes evolve.

Additionally, NetSuite is an exceptional global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Its multi-language and multi-currency capabilities enable businesses to manage operations and supply chains across different regions efficiently. This global functionality ensures that NetSuite supports your processes, regardless of where your business operates.

NetSuite Manufacturing Modules Product Features

Order Management

Optimizing inventory on hand and reducing shipping costs while improving customer satisfaction is crucial to meeting the ever-increasing customer expectations and simplifying the complicated supply chain processes. 

NetSuite Intelligent Order Management offers an automated solution that streamlines your order promising, allocation, orchestration, and execution processes. With this system, you can efficiently fulfill orders based on real-time information about global inventory availability and business rules.

Consistently Deliver Flawless Orders

Using NetSuite, you can streamline your fulfillment processes and increase efficiency, ultimately enabling your business to expand while managing labor costs more effectively. With NetSuite, you can automate your order entries, freeing time to focus on other essential tasks. 

Plus, you can manage your orders in one system thanks to integrated order-to-cash processes. To provide customers with a seamless experience, NetSuite offers intelligent workflows for approval routing, pricing, and discounting.

Planning and Scheduling

It’s important to note that NetSuite provides a real-time scheduling engine that is flexible and intuitive, capable of managing finite and infinite capacity scheduling. This feature helps manufacturing businesses automatically regulate their inventory levels. 

It ensures they have the correct amount of inventory in the right place at the appropriate time. Scheduling is a complex task in the manufacturing industry, but with NetSuite, businesses can streamline the process and achieve greater efficiency.

Supply Chain

Don’t let the location or the manufacturer of your product impede your business growth. NetSuite enables you to manage outsourced production as if it were in-house by providing a comprehensive global view of inventory, regardless of where it is in production. 

With real-time inventory visibility, vendor location management, and complete distribution requirement planning (DRP) capabilities, NetSuite allows you to plan and manage manufacturing operations across multiple locations quickly and easily.


Managing suppliers and purchasing processes can be complex for a product-based business. With NetSuite’s built-in features, such as quote requests, blanket purchase orders, and purchase contracts. 

Plus, you can ensure you get the suitable materials or products at the right time and the best price. The platform offers tools to track spending, simplify requests for goods and services, and provide real-time visibility throughout your operations. 

Shop Floor Control

Many manufacturers focus on planning and scheduling applications to perfect their plans. However, recording the current manufacturing process is equally critical for a more accurate schedule. NetSuite provides an easy and quick way to gather information from the manufacturing process. 

You can get real-time updates from the shop floor by using NetSuite’s interactive tablet application. The user-friendly layout is designed for harsh manufacturing environments and can even be operated wearing gloves. It provides an interactive work queue showing all current and future operations scheduled through the work center.

Quality Management

Designing and manufacturing a high-quality product requires deliberate effort and planning. NetSuite provides a solution to help you achieve the highest product quality while minimizing expenses. You can define inspection plans, pass/fail criteria, collect results, and monitor all the results as they are recorded.

NetSuite is specifically designed to assist manufacturers of all sizes reduce operating expenses, increase revenue, and improve their business and supply chain management. You can define and maintain your inspection plans, collect in-process inspection results, and report on non-conformance.

CRM and Marketing

Managing the complete customer lifecycle is crucial for the success of any business. Companies that adapt to their customers’ needs and replace manual processes with automated ones tend to increase efficiency and responsiveness. 

NetSuite offers an all-in-one cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution with powerful capabilities, including sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service, and support management. NetSuite CRM includes sales performance, order, and partner management, seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce systems. 

Having a complete picture of your sales helps you plan your shop floor operations and improve forecasting. With NetSuite CRM, you can streamline your processes, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and grow your business.

NetSuite Manufacturing: Choosing the Right Modules 

With NetSuite, businesses can:

  • Keep track of materials, start and stop production, and note any delays.
  • Spot and address quality issues in real time.
  • Easily create assembly items and work orders.
  • Collect and analyze essential data from the shop floor, like labor and goods information.
  • Set up Work in Process for multiple locations.
  • Use advanced tools for production scheduling.

NetSuite offers three levels of production management modules that build on each other:

Work Orders & Assemblies: For companies that do simple assembly or grouping of items without tracking the item’s progress or monitoring labor and time.

WIP & Routings: Adds more capabilities like defining work centers, routings, tracking labor costs, and scheduling with a visual Gantt chart.

Advanced Manufacturing: Provides complete control over all manufacturing processes, including detailed scheduling, batch management, and execution of manufacturing plans.

This modular approach allows growing or changing businesses to quickly move from one level to the next based on their evolving needs.

NetSuite Benefits for Manufacturing Companies

NetSuite helps manufacturing companies in many ways:

  1. No more mistakes with spreadsheets
  2. Get new products to market faster
  3. Make order processing better
  4. Keep a close eye on costs
  5. Deliver top-quality products
  6. Cut down on IT costs
  7. Speed up closing finances
  8. Improve help and services
  9. Stay compliant
  10. See the whole business clearly and quickly

This means better efficiency, more profit, clear controls, following rules, faster product launches, and quicker value.


NetSuite manufacturing modules have become a crucial asset for the manufacturing sector. These adaptable modules enable manufacturers to streamline order management, improve planning and scheduling, optimize supply chains, and efficiently manage procurement and shop floor operations. 

NetSuite’s focus on quality management and global functionality makes it a strategic solution for reducing operating expenses, increasing revenue, and improving overall business and supply chain management. With modular flexibility and benefits, NetSuite stands out as the top choice, fostering efficiency, profitability, and compliance for rapidly expanding manufacturing companies.

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