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NetSuite Adds New Features in SuitePeople

Mobile, Headcount Analytics, Payroll and Taleo Integration added to SuitePeople

Oracle NetSuite has unveiled a slew of new features to assist companies in a wide range of sectors accelerate growth, save expenses, and take advantage of cloud computing fast and simply. In addition to new SuiteSuccess cloud industry solutions, improved financial management, HR and supply chain features, and new product and service company improvements, NetSuite’s platform has recently seen significant developments, including a strong new data analytics tool.

SuitePeople is NetSuite’s integrated cloud human resources solution. Businesses now have access to a unified platform for ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel commerce, and HR management, all in one place. With SuitePeople, businesses can use the same suite to manage all aspects of their company, including human resources. It eliminates the need for manual and repetitive procedures. With SuitePeople, businesses can manage their HR and workforce management operations with strong functionality while providing their employees with an excellent user experience for the vast majority of daily activities. It makes use of the NetSuite platform to provide processes and reports that can ve customized to fit your company’s needs. SuitePeople is the most comprehensive and adaptable cloud-based HR solution on the market.

SuitePeople utilizes SuiteCloud’s robust and versatile infrastructure, which allows it to be tailored to suit specific HR procedures while also being always accessible, no matter where you are. The SuitePeople platform eliminates organizational silos. It offers your company complete HR insight and a genuine picture of its health by integrating front and back-office functions with NetSuite. Have a certified NetSuite partner like Folio3 to assist you in smoothly and hassle-free integration and implementation of the customized NetSuite SuitePeople for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Mobile Employee Directory

Employees want to connect and cooperate with colleagues via cellphones, much as in their personal life. Businesses may now improve productivity and collaboration with the new Mobile Employee Directory. Employees may now look for and see their colleagues’ profiles using a mobile device. Workers may quickly interact with coworkers through mobile phone, SMS, or email. Using NetSuite OneWorld, employees may search by a subsidiary. This SuiteApp also includes an Org Browser, enabling employees to quickly navigate your company’s hierarchy and discover their superiors and direct reports. Through a dynamic layout, they may show the appropriate amount of information at the right time and even save a copy of their current perspective of the company. Each time a new employee joins the company, all of their information is immediately updated.

Payroll Dashboard

Using NetSuite’s new Payroll Dashboard may help customers avoid payroll errors. Initiate a payroll batch run, verify the integrity of the payroll run by comparing it to a prior period for accuracy confirmation, and examine any inconsistencies discovered. As a result of its close integration with NetSuite accounting capabilities, workers’ time entry, attendance, and commission data are automatically sent to their payroll, eliminating the need for manual data re-input. NetSuite Payroll takes care of all compliance problems, and it is compatible with all federal, state, and local authorities.

With NetSuite Payroll, you can be certain that your deposits and filings are correct and timely. When Time-Off Management is enabled in NetSuite Payroll, accruals calculated during time off are connected to payroll. It appears on employees’ pay statements. As an alternative, when a payroll batch is committed, accruals from Time-off are immediately adjusted. If both Payroll and Compensation Tracking are enabled on an employee’s record, updates to the Compensation Tracking subtab may be automatically sent to payroll. To ensure accurate payroll recording, if the Compensation Tracking subtab’s Effective Dating function is enabled. 

HeadCount & Turnover Analytics

It enables users to analyze headcount and turnover patterns across time, giving important insight into longer-term trends. Management learns how to assess whether turnover problems are severe and need urgent action or are going as anticipated. Users can now get real-time insight into the business without waiting for data warehouses to be updated, outdated reports to be produced, or transfer huge quantities of important corporate data to spreadsheets that aren’t secure using NetSuite SuiteAnalytics. The dashboard provides important metrics and insights from throughout the suite. This tool can show trends in headcount, growth, and turnover. SuitePeople analytics features save customers from manually gathering and updating data, allowing them to focus on deriving insights from HR data.

Absence Management Enhancements

The new Absence Management Enhancements make dealing with time-off requests a breeze for managers. They may cancel, reject, or accept time-off requests with reasons inside the SuitePeople system. CSV data can be imported to create or modify NetSuite time-off change records if SuitePeople’s Time-Off Management is enabled. The time–off records correspond to approved requests, accruals, and other modifications to employees’ time–off. Automatic time-off accruals and reporting provide insight into your time-off balances, while user-friendly self-service processes enable workers and managers to schedule and authorize vacation time proactively.

Taleo Business Edition

The Hiring Manager capabilities in the Talent Center are being introduced with this version. Those employees who are also users of the Taleo Business Edition will get access to extra widgets on the Talent Center, as will those who are not. With these widgets, hiring managers can quickly and easily accept requests, examine applicant resumes, advance candidates to the next stage in the process, or dismiss candidates, all from a mobile-friendly, responsive site. Users and employees must have connected records to take advantage of these functionalities. The best sourcing and recruiting technologies available today can help you rapidly fill key vacancies. Users of NetSuite may now post job openings in SuitePeople, which will link to Taleo Business Edition to help find and choose candidates. Job requisition reports are available in the Reports menu section of the Recruiting Reports SuiteApp. The candidate profile information is instantly transferred to SuitePeople, where they are set up as a new employee, saving hiring time and boosting team productivity.

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Every company has a variety of roles and responsibilities. The SuitePeople user interface makes the jobs of employees in all positions simpler. SuitePeople’s platform is designed to break down existing departmental boundaries and make important people information accessible across the whole organization. Due to NetSuite’s ability to integrate the front and back offices, your company will have complete insight into HR and its overall health. NetSuite SuitePeople aims to offer ease and convenience to the employees, and in no way should its implementation cause any inconvenience at any level. For this reason, have the expert NetSuite customization, integration, and implementation services of Folio3 to get through the process smoothly.

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