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NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Helps Organizations Unlock New Opportunities

Customers benefit from new pre-built analytics that helps them gain faster insights and make better decisions.

Oracle NetSuite today announced the release of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, which will assist businesses in quickly identifying new growth possibilities. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, based on Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, allows users to discover patterns and instantly surface insights from NetSuite and third-party data to improve decision-making and uncover new revenue sources.

“Organizations now have more data than ever before, but manually collecting and analyzing it using spreadsheets or numerous visualization tools is time-consuming, error-prone, and hinders decision-making,” said Evan Goldberg, EVP, Oracle NetSuite. “With NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, our customers now have access to a complete, pre-built analytics solution that improves decision making and helps their businesses to respond rapidly to changing customer needs and new market opportunities.”

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse complements NetSuite SuiteAnalytics, which offers embedded real-time reporting and metrics dashboards based on NetSuite data, allowing users to augment their studies with data from sources other than NetSuite on a single analytics platform. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is the first and only pre-built data warehouse and analytics solution for NetSuite users. It includes:

  • Easy and secure data transfer: NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is instantly connected to a customer’s NetSuite environment via pre-built, secure data pipelines, making data transmission simple and secure. Transfers of NetSuite data can be arranged in minutes, removing the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual data integration.
  • Third-party data and NetSuite data enriched analytics: Extract, transform, and load data without code from various sources, including spreadsheets and unstructured data. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse makes data and analytics easier, whether you utilize generic connectors or one of the 25+ pre-built connectors to platforms like Dropbox, Salesforce, or Google Analytics.
  • Role-based analytics is ready to be used: All employees can use embedded machine learning to get more accurate forecasts and make recommendations based on their findings by analyzing historical data and spot trends and anomalies using pre-built metrics and KPIs.

“We rely on NetSuite as the unifying factor for all of our company data,” stated Tom Altman, Clickstop’s CTO. “We were already getting a lot of value from SuiteAnalytics, but NetSuite Analytics Warehouse has given us a lot more power and improved our capacity to obtain data insights at scale.” We have all of our internal and external data sources in one platform with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and SuiteAnalytics — the go-to source for our most crucial data.” Oracle NetSuite has been assisting businesses in growing, scaling, and adapting to change for more than 20 years. More than 27,000 clients in 215 countries utilize NetSuite’s comprehensive solution, which incorporates financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), inventory management, HR, professional services automation, and omnichannel commerce.

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