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Simplify the Complexities with Folio3’s Netsuite Ebay Integration Connector

Folio3 has been working in the NetSuite space since 2008 and has developed extensive expertise in the NetSuite’s ecosystem. Folio3 offers various features for NetSuite, such as the NetSuite mobile solutions, NetSuite Integration, and NetSuite Customization services, and NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced. Furthermore, Folio3 also provides its expertise in NetSuite Implementation. Talking of integration services, with Folio3’s NetSuite eBay integration, you can automate the data transferring between NetSuite and your eBay web store. This integration connector is Built for NetSuite (BFN) certified. With the NetSuite eBay connector, you can fully concentrate on maximizing your store’s sales and fulfilling orders, instead of wasting time on data transferring.

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Netsuite Ebay Connector Features

Folio3 provides its clients with the best NetSuite integration services and solutions. With the NetSuite eBay Connector, you will be provided with real-time sync of the inventory, product description and information, sales orders, customer details, order fulfilment details, and shipping information. The amalgamation between NetSuite and eBay is only possible because of the amazing features provided by Folio3’s integration services. The features of the NetSuite eBay connector are:

  • Automatic export of inventory details from NetSuite to eBay
  • Automatic sync of product images, description, and pricing from NetSuite to eBay
  • Automatic export of customer details and payment invoices from eBay to NetSuite
  • Automatic sync of tracking details and all sale orders from eBay to NetSuite
  • Automatic export of all completed orders from NetSuite to eBay
  • Automatic export of shipping information of completed orders from NetSuite to eBay
  • Allows sync between eBay Cash Sales and NetSuite
  • Allows syncing of matrix items from NetSuite to eBay 
  • Supports NetSuite One World
  • Allows you to manage the integration from the NetSuite UI
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Ebay Netsuite Integration Benefits

With the NetSuite eBay Integration Connector features, you get to save a lot of time, effort, and energy to keep up with your eBay store and NetSuite back-office sync. The time and efforts saved from here can be utilized on maximizing the sales of your store, such as implementing better marketing strategies. 

Furthermore, you save up on the cost of hiring extra employees to help maintain an up-to-date record for the orders and inventory. Also, accessing all your records gets hassle-free, since you don’t have to juggle between multiple platforms. Record keeping and traceability of all your orders become very easy with the NetSuite eBay Integration Connector. 

Since you will be saving up on some time by not having to maintain records manually, you can utilize that time in providing better customer care and support to your customers. This way, you would be able to provide quality service to your customers, with timely delivery on all orders. This, in turn, would increase the chances of the customers returning to your store for further orders.   

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Folio3 is Your Best Technology Partner for all Types of Netsuite Integration

Folio3 is one of the premier certified implementation partners for NetSuite, operating since 2008. Folio3’s team will provide you with their expertise and high-quality deployment of the integration process. By working with such a qualified and experienced team, the chances of any risks are minimized and you are guaranteed a proper execution of your plan. It feels great to be sure that you will be in safe hands. 

Apart from the custom NetSuite integration solutions, BFN certified NetSuite integration connectors are also provided for:

NetSuite Amazon Integration

With Amazon Integration, you can easily concentrate on managing your orders and the inventory, without worrying about keeping your Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite accounts in sync. You can sync your products and inventory levels, orders and customer details, billing and invoices, fulfillments, and shipping information from Amazon to NetSuite.    

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NetSuite WooCommerce Integration

You can automatically sync orders, customer data, inventory levels, products, billing and invoices, fulfillments, and much more. With WooCommerce integration, you can eliminate the chances of manual data entry errors of orders, customer details, inventory, and product details in both the systems. 

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NetSuite BigCommerce Integration

With the NetSuite BigCommerce integration, you can eliminate data entry errors, enhance customer service, and also support multiple BigCommerce stores. You can sync product and inventory levels, orders, payments, and customer details and also do shipping and fulfillment management.

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NetSuite Shopify Integration

Automatically sync customer details and orders from Shopify to NetSuite. You can also customize Shopify connector to cater to your business needs.

NetSuite Magento Integration

With Magento connector, you get support for multiple pricing tiers and also allowing the use of multiple currencies. You can also maintain a product catalog in either Magento or NetSuite. In addition to this, you can automatically export shipping and fulfillment data from NetSuite to Magento. All these connectors, more or less, provide the same benefits and features.

Proprietary NetSuite Mobile Apps

Folio3 has developed NetSuite mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms; NSDroid for Android and SuiteMobile for iOS. These apps can also be customized according to the client’s business requirements.  These apps provide real-time, secure access to the NetSuite ERP and CRM data. These include contacts, customers, opportunities, inventory, cases, calendar events, and much more.

Apart from the NetSuite eBay integration connector, Folio3 provides its clients with numerous other connectors, which can be customized according to the client’s needs. Since Folio3 is a reliable NetSuite implementation partner,  they can easily be trusted for providing their expertise, both on-premise and on cloud-based applications.

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