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NetSuite Enabling Businesses to Operate Smoothly Amidst the Pandemic

Businesses all across the world are seeking to adjust to a “new normal” in their operations. There is still a great deal of concern regarding the economy and the reopening of some businesses in specific areas. On the other hand, NetSuite is working around the clock to help users continue to operate their companies as usual.

Oracle NetSuite leadership meets regularly to analyze and respond to the situation as it develops, alter operations so that they stay stable, and support the health of those impacted. 

Below are the many ways in which NetSuite is helping businesses ensure smooth operations, regardless of the uncertainty of the global situation.

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NetSuite Community Exchange

Even though there is a high demand for vital products and services, these commodities are often out of stock and only reach a small number of potential customers. This has resulted in NetSuite establishing the NetSuite Community Exchange, a marketplace where NetSuite users may purchase and sell critical services. Businesses have chosen to provide free items and services in response to the high demand for certain products and services. This network includes more than 21,000 customers and 500 partners that have access to the resources necessary to assist companies in safely resuming operations.

Cloud Data for an Easy Work-From-Home Transition

It’s no secret that NetSuite clients take advantage of the many opportunities that cloud computing provides. Because of the expectations of stay-at-home employees, some businesses are being compelled to adapt to a work-from-home environment. However, NetSuite’s cloud platform makes it easy for the organization to complete the switch without any major setbacks. Users are given access to information that would ordinarily be accessible to them without their knowledge. NetSuite’s cloud data security provides you with an extra piece of mind by ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

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Better Plan, Budget, and Forecast

Open communication across departments and a comprehensive awareness of all financial and market events are required to construct a completely foolproof budget. Organizations can now plan, budget, and anticipate with more precision. NetSuite’s financial and operational data centralization and streamlining techniques provide your team with the financial freedom they need to produce the most accurate projections possible and accomplish their goals.

Curbside Pickup

The ability to provide curbside pickup is critical for retail companies that service their customers directly. It’s a win-win scenario for both the store and the client, who benefit from the ease and safety of the system. SuiteCommerce includes uncomplicated capabilities that make it easy to run an integrated website that allows customers to check out online and pick up at the curbside, for example. Additionally, in addition to increasing customer options and improving their overall shopping experience, this results in higher income generation.

Open For Business Virtual Event

CEOs get the opportunity to share their experiences with one another as part of NetSuite’s Open for Business events. The objective of this virtual event series is an ongoing series of films that highlight the issues that organizations are facing today and the strategies that CEOs are using to solve those challenges. Just a few examples of the subjects addressed in this series include cash flow management and scenario planning. Small business owners conversing with one another might help them become more adaptable and resilient in uncertain circumstances.

Business Now Resource Guide

If you’re more interested in learning about best practices, NetSuite’s Business Now resource guide may be a better choice for you than the other options. This manual for failed organizations is jam-packed with blog entries and playbooks that provide insights, direction, and strategies for improving performance. In addition, Company Now features real-life stories from company owners who have had to alter their operations to meet the demands of the pandemic’s expectations. Bedford Industries went from making twist ties to producing personal protective equipment face shields in a week, as told in this article.

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The safety of employees, customers, and members of the local community is of greatest significance as companies throughout the globe continue to reopen their physical facilities. With the introduction of the Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp, NetSuite clients will more easily record in-person contacts with reported COVID-19 cases in one convenient location.

Although the coronavirus is putting a hardship on businesses, they must be more resilient than ever before. Even though this is a challenging endeavour, business owners may protect their health and the health and safety of their customers by preparing ahead of time. Using these materials is just the beginning of a process that will help businesses better prepare for the unpredictable future ahead of them. Businesses must make use of all of NetSuite’s resources and experience.


If you haven’t already done so, now is an excellent time to make the transition to NetSuite, which is a system that is continually striving to improve your business. To install a high-quality solution, you must work with a high-quality partner, such as Folio3. Folio3 is an expert at NetSuite customization, integration, and implementation, ensuring that NetSuite installation is as smooth as possible. 

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