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NetSuite ERP for Construction Companies

Many construction companies stay busy meeting deadlines and managing large projects, so they have failed to implement their business’s digital transformation fully. Traditional paper-based processes have worked well for years. However, those who have not used the latest solutions to save time and increase the efficiency of their construction operations will find it difficult to keep up with the competition.

NetSuite for Construction is a highly scalable, easy-to-deploy ERP that replaces slow, outdated processes with agile, automated solutions built specifically for your industry. Leverage the convenience and power of NetSuite’s cloud-based software to consolidate disparate spreadsheets and paper-based reports into a digital hub to deliver critical information when needed. Access accurate real-time data across multiple projects, including expenses, revenues, labour costs, materials, resource utilization, lease management and retention.

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How Netsuite ERP Can Take Your Construction Business To The Next Level:

As your business grows, expands into new markets, and acquires other businesses, it’s important to have a 360-degree view of your entire organization. NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can be sized for today and scaled as you grow. Construction for NetSuite is an innovative cloud-based construction management solution for today’s construction industry.


Unlike other ERP or accounting software, NetSuite facilitates limitless scalability. With regular updates, tons of new features released throughout the year, and an extensive portfolio of ERP modules tailored to the needs of construction companies, the system grows with your business. Cloud-based NetSuite ERP fully supports an unlimited number of subsidiaries and projects. It is the ultimate and effective construction project management system because it adapts to every stage of the project lifecycle, including pre-sales and cost estimating, project and resource management, accounting, and project completion.

360 Degree Visibility

NetSuite ERP gives construction companies a 360-degree view of all day-to-day operations. Choosing NetSuite as your system gives you a real-time A to Z view of your business, including finance, labour costing, project management, payroll, marketing, inventory management, service and customer management, CRM and more. It’s an all-in-one system for every aspect of your finance-centric business, from sales CRM to resource management, HR/payroll, marketing, and more.


Reduce administrative and manual tasks with streamlined financial and time tracking, automate posting and billing, and handle a growing portfolio of clients and construction projects. NetSuite ERP helps you gain more control over your projects with preconfigured user roles for bundled approval workflows, auditable change management, and segregation of duties. We apply strict financial controls to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and enhance investor confidence.

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Why Should You Choose Netsuite For Your Business?

Small businesses Won’t Stay Longer

Unfortunately, some small construction specialized applications may not survive, and this may not be a good option if you plan to invest in them. Once you implement NetSuite, you can be confident that it’s not going anywhere after you get Netsuite ERP for business.

Speciality Products May Not Be Suitable For Large Companies

A small company with about 100 employees in the construction business would probably get by with a small application. But as they grow, expand, scale, and require best-in-class integration, an established ERP package like NetSuite is the hub that brings it all together.

Construction-Only Software Can Be Difficult To Customize

Note that small design-specific software packages can be difficult to customize. They design processes the way they want to. NetSuite can create custom modules that do exactly what you need.

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Your Company Needs A Friendly Software

Construction companies often have to adapt to changing market times. Scale up for large projects and scale down if there isn’t much work. This means lots of new people are coming and going all the time, and they need software that is easy to use. With NetSuite, you can create business processes using simple applications that allow employees to enter data easily and retrieve reports.

Facilatates Expansion

The construction industry is very complex, but automated solutions can easily solve some problems. It can track all purchase data for accounting purposes or electronically allocate service tickets for employees to add materials and time. These issues are already resolved in his NetSuite, so performing these activities is unnecessary. Leverage existing technology to reach more clients or expand into new types of designs and architectures.


NetSuite Cloud ERP for Construction platform is scalable, with a vast ecosystem of supporting applications, add-ons, and configurations that can grow with your business. Get an all-in-one system for “CRM, PSA, Payroll & HR, Marketing, Finance” We also support integration with legacy systems. When you choose NetSuite for engineering, you get more than accounting software. It serves as the core of your system architecture as you scale your business and take on a high volume of projects.

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