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NetSuite Expands Support Services

Help Customers Accelerate Growth

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Prescriptive Support Playbooks assist organizations in maximizing the value of their NetSuite investments.

Oracle NetSuite today announced that its Advanced Customer Support service had been expanded to include prescriptive playbooks that help customers maximize their return on investment. Customers will be able to handle operational difficulties like recognizing revenue, project profitability, supply chain management, and cross-functional processes like a quotation to cash using the playbooks, which are based on experience and data from thousands of implementations. The playbooks also support key growth milestones, including geographic expansion, IPO preparation, and merger/acquisition activity.

“As businesses develop and encounter more challenges, the way they function must evolve,” said David Rodman, Oracle NetSuite’s SVP of Customer Success. “We’ve taken the information we’ve gathered from helping hundreds of businesses thrive and turned it into prescriptive playbooks for our customers to use.” It will assist them in improving fundamental business activities and maximizing NetSuite’s capabilities. The playbooks support a wide range of business goals, whether a company wants to improve internal controls in preparation for an IPO or wants a better approach to predict and scenario plan.”

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Today, you can get the following NetSuite Advanced Customer Support playbooks:

  • Financial Management: Assists customers in improving operational efficiencies by advising and guiding them through important financial processes such as planning and budgeting, accounts payable and receivables automation, financial consolidation, and month-end close.
  • Human Capital: Assists customers in streamlining important HR procedures like payroll, labour management, and performance management.
  • Customer 360: Provides advice and direction on deploying omnichannel revenue streams, customer relationship management, and customer analytics reporting to help customers optimize customer engagement operations.
  • Supply Chain Operations: Provides advice and direction in managing inventory, logistics management, demand and supply planning, procurement, and manufacturing management to help customers improve supply chain efficiencies.
  • Project Profitability: Assists customers with streamlining essential project-related operations such as project accounting, billing, management, and resource management.
  • Cross-Functional: Assists customers in maximizing the suite’s capability by ensuring that cross-functional processes within NetSuite, such as quote to cash, procure to pay, and design to build, continue to run smoothly.
  • Industry: Leverages NetSuite’s 20+ years of industry-specific KPIs and insights to help customers across sectors – retail, software, services, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and more – enhance fundamental business activities.
  • Foreign Expansion: Provides advice and direction on trading in several countries, handling different currencies, tax compliance, and localization to help customers deal with the increased financial challenges of entering international markets.
  • Performance and Risk Management: Provides advice on capacity planning, architectural optimization, integrations, access controls, and script reviews to help customers ensure NetSuite is tuned and optimized to maintain the greatest level of performance and security as their organization scales.
  • Capital Markets: Assists customers in preparing for a public listing or a merger/acquisition by building and optimizing appropriate governance and internal controls and developing financial reporting to meet audit and tax requirements.

The NetSuite Advanced Client Support playbooks are created and deployed by NetSuite’s in-house global solutions team (NetSuite Advanced Customer Support), with experience from thousands of customer interactions across sectors, markets, and business sizes.

Customers can get a 20% discount on Advanced Customer Support Optimize or Architect subscriptions and the related Extended Service packs until November 24. Read the newest NetSuite blog for additional details on the playbooks.

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