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NetSuite Fosters Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship with New Accelerator Program

According to the US Census Bureau, despite the hard conditions over the past two years, a record number of new business applications were filed in 2020 and again in 2021, indicating that entrepreneurship is a vital engine of innovation, opportunity, and employment growth.

A diverse set of communities fuels this boom in entrepreneurship. According to census data, the Black business formation has hit an all-time high in the last two years.

Oracle NetSuite was founded more than two decades ago to assist entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses. We’re creating the NetSuite Accelerator program to help even more businesses reach their goals.

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“What we’ve seen over the last two years is comparable to what we saw during the last economic downturn: chaotic and unpredictable times can sometimes be the source of some of the most innovative ideas,” said Evan Goldberg, creator and EVP of Oracle NetSuite. “Today, I’m proud to announce the introduction of the NetSuite Accelerator, which will invest in the creation, growth, and success of the numerous enterprises created by diverse communities.”

The NetSuite Accelerator program will initially focus on assisting Black entrepreneurs and leaders in developing successful and sustainable enterprises. Still, we have big plans for the following year, including programs for women, LGTBQ, veterans, disabled, and LatinX groups.

The Capital Factory in Austin, Texas, is our initial incubator partner. Still, we’ll continue to extend our collaborations as we work with incubators around the country to discover entrepreneurs and leaders who will benefit from the program.

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Providing Assistance to a Wide Range of Groups

With over 28,000 customers and 1,000 partners, the NetSuite Accelerator program will use the lessons learned from our global community to ensure that more entrepreneurs and leaders have access to the processes, best practices, guidance, and technology needed to achieve the kind of long-term growth that comes only from having visibility and control over their businesses.

The following investments and access will be available through the program to businesses:

  • Discounted Software: Entrepreneurs and leaders will receive a big discount on NetSuite, a technological platform that will help their firms grow, scale, and adapt to change, equating to tens of thousands of dollars each year.
  • Mentoring and Strategic Guidance: will receive 1:1 coaching from subject matter experts from across the NetSuite engineering, sales, operations, and marketing teams, as well as advice and input from senior NetSuite executives, including NetSuite founder and executive vice president Evan Goldberg.
  • Technical and Functional Help: At no cost to entrepreneurs and leaders, strategic customer service functions will provide technical and functional support. A functional consultant and a Customer Success Manager will be assigned to guarantee that critical milestones are accomplished promptly.
  • Community Engagement: Entrepreneurs and executives will have free access to educational events, such as hackathons and buildathons, to get guidance and discuss crucial business concerns with their peers from throughout the NetSuite community.
  • Training and Education: Entrepreneurs and executives will have free access to NetSuite Certification Programs, which will empower business owners and workers to become experts at unlocking our Suite.

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