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NetSuite Helps Businesses Reopen Safely with New SuiteApp

COVID-19 has had a major effect on businesses, and the virus’s continued spread implies that organizations are obliged to comply with health and safety standards. Social distance, hand hygiene, and routinely disinfected and sanitized workplaces are examples of these.

As the economy starts to open again, Oracle NetSuite has introduced a new solution to assist businesses in protecting their workers and communities. It lets NetSuite users establish, monitor, and record in-person encounters with individuals suspected of having COVID-19 infections using the new Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp. And Folio3, a certified NetSuite partner, is assisting businesses of all sorts to integrate this new solution into their business model to sustain in the rap[idly changing work dynamics post-pandemic.

The COVID-19 epidemic put business owners of all sizes in a dangerous position. Reopening workplaces necessitates safety and efficiency now that the authorities have the situation under control and business has regained its footing. As a result of the recent introduction of the Oracle NetSuite App, businesses may better safeguard their employees while also ensuring company continuity.

Using the new SuiteApp from NetSuite, companies can better safeguard their employees and consumers in physical locations by creating and tracking cases of infected workers quickly, securely, and easily. To prevent overcrowding, company executives may use these tools to establish and monitor effective workforces that work in various shifts. When a worker tests positive for COVID-19, HR professionals or other authorized NetSuite users may manually record interactions in the system. An infected employee’s location, time entry location, reporting structure, project team members, and NetSuite calendar events may be used by the program to create a list of possible social interactions. HR experts and other authorized users will react more swiftly and contribute to safer workplaces with these findings and the opportunity to record more encounters.


The new Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp has been meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of NetSuite clients. It aids in the creation, monitoring, and recording of in-person encounters at the workplace and the effective management of all such activities via a single integrated platform.

  • Case Management: NetSuite App enables businesses to establish cases for all infected workers and monitor the specifics of their in-person interactions with them using a single platform.
  • Security and Privacy: The ability to regulate and restrict who may conduct a search and handle a case is provided by allocating access to users.
  • Tracking: Employers may maintain track of their workers (both those who have been jabbed and those who have been infected but have not been jabbed) by using this meticulously designed software, which automatically searches for them. A list of possible interactions with other individuals at work during a certain period may be generated using this tool.
  • Communication: By using the main features of this innovative software, corporate organizations may compile a list of at-risk contacts, which can then be shared with other members of the workforce who may be impacted on time through customized email distribution.
  • Reporting: NetSuite App assists businesses in complying with local government-related safety regulations by allowing them to export data in a timely, efficient, and secure manner. Administrators may also share data gathered from workforce case interaction interactions to enhance safety measures.

HR experts or company managers may react promptly and effectively to these findings and record further encounters, thus contributing to the creation of safer workplaces. To their surprise, the NetSuite App for ensuring the safe and efficient reopening of the workplaces is accessible for all NetSuite clients via the SuiteApp Marketplace, where they may save a significant amount of money. Without a doubt, with NetSuite, a cloud ERP with GST, you can completely concentrate on delivering strong customer interaction, ensuring safer workplaces, and driving significant revenues via innovative channels.

Accessing the App

When you’re in NetSuite, click on Payroll and HR, then Lists to go to the app. You’ll be sent to the appropriate page if you click on the Employee Case link. All employee cases will be listed for easy monitoring and access after you arrive.

Simply click on the New Employee Case button and type the person’s name into the Name Box to begin a new case. Checking the employee’s details will let you know whether you made the right choice. You may also update the contact information of the employee.

Create the case information by specifying a start date and an end date, i.e., the day the employee thinks they were infectious and the last time they met face-to-face with others.

Click upon that Generate Possible Interactions button will let you see how they interact with one another. Employee team, employee location, time entry location, project team member, and event attendee are five touchpoints examined by the NetSuite app. 

It’s possible to manually add more contacts who don’t have NetSuite data. You may build a customer email list after you’ve supplied all of the necessary data.

NetSuite’s recently released suite application is gaining more and more prominence across the globe. Its capacity to withstand the hostile environment produced by COVID-19 sets it apart from the competition in the worldwide market. Consequently, the new NetSuite app is a boon for human resource professionals or managers since managing staff in these challenging working conditions has never been simpler. As previously stated, the new Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp allows NetSuite users to initiate, monitor, and in-person record contacts with people suspected of having COVID-19 infections utilizing the Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp. Organizations or companies who have been forced to shut due to Covid-19 may take advantage of this chance without hesitation.

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NetSuite partners like Folio3 can assist your business in the seamless implementation of NetSuite SuiteApp. The world is on the way to recovery post-COVID-19. If you want to restore the regular business operations, you need to ensure that you’re monitoring your employees closely. With NetSuite’s SuiteApp, you can do that efficiently without engaging much of your workforce. Folio3 is an expert in NetSuite integration, customization, and implementation – just what your business needs now!

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