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NetSuite Integration – How to Transfer Data to and from NetSuite

Whenever a business decides to move to a cloud based ERP like Oracle-NetSuite or any new ERP for that matter, one of the biggest challenge it faces is that of data integration – how to keep the information in its existing systems (CRMs, ecommerce platforms & marketplaces like Magento, Amazon, etc.) synchronized with its new ERP. This best way to overcome this challenge is via Data Integration or Enterprise Application Integration, which basically involves using some kind of middleware mechanism or application to synchronize data between the disparate systems.

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There are two types of middleware applications/solutions available that you can use for this purpose.

1) Commercial Middleware Products AND

2) Customized Middleware Applications

Commercial Middleware Products

Commercial middleware products are pre-built solutions that help organizations perform data integrations as easily as possible. These products often provide multiple hosting options, either on the cloud based ERP itself (like NetSuite), or on separate on-site or cloud based servers. The cost for these types of solutions typically involves a first-time fee followed by either a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

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Customized Middleware Application

In situations where you cannot customize a commercially available middleware product to meet your needs or if its cost is not feasible, you can always build your own customized Middleware Application. Once this custom middleware application has been delivered to you (by the vendor or development partner you’ve engaged), and you need any additional changes done to it, there may be additional development efforts and costs involved, to update the application.

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As NetSuite integration and customization specialists, we can help you integrate the Oracle-NetSuite ERP with both on premise and cloud based applications. We specialize in the following types of NetSuite integrations:

  • Integration with other CRM systems (both legacy and cloud-based) – providing two way synchronization of customer, contact, account, sales order and billing info between CRM systems like Salesforce and NetSuite
  • Integration with external web stores, websites and portals – for real time synchronization of sales orders, customer info, inventory, item/product details and billing information with NetSuite
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like eBay, eBay Motors, Amazon, etc. for simplifying sales across multiple marketplaces – by providing real time transfer of inventory, product data, sales orders, customers, fulfillments and shipping info.
  • Integration of NetSuite with other systems and applications that require synchronization of bulk or batch processing jobs and data, such as order processing or EDI systems.
  • Middleware based NetSuite integrations using third party tools.
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In addition to the above mentioned custom NetSuite integration solutions, we also offer turnkey, NetSuite certified integration connectors for:

  • NetSuite Salesforce integration
  • NetSuite Magento integration
  • NetSuite eBay integration
  • NetSuite eBay Motors integration
  • NetSuite WooCommerce integration
  • NetSuite Shopify Integration
  • NetSuite Amazon Integration
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Our integration solutions are fully customizable, so we can add any additional functionality or features you may require to run your business more efficiently.

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