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NetSuite Introduces CPQ to Simplify the Sales Process

The 21st century is all about innovations that help ease your business in subtle ways. This era is hovering around automation and bringing significant changes in the corporate world. Whether digital marketing or sales, every division is a hundred times more simplified. 

When it comes to sales processes, NetSuite CPQ is one such technology that is gaining rapid popularity. It is helping several businesses smoothen their sales tasks and attain more accuracy at every step. And that’s not all; you should know much more about it. 

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What is NetSuite CPQ?

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is an old theory that allowed adjusting customization in the sales processes. Previously, when each product sold had a different price, it was hard for salespeople to figure out accurate prices. And well, calculating and quoting the prices for each product for a large audience group was tough; human error could lead to a bad reputation for a business. 

However, Netsuite CPQ is more advanced, technology-driven, and hence, easier to implement. Courtesy of this automation, businesses can sell their products with more personalization, and the math behind it has also become super easy. It generates proposals and quotes for personalized products by determining the prices based on the product’s configuration. 

Unlike conventional processes, when the prices were calculated by looking at the price tag or sheet, Netsuite CPQ has made estimations simpler and fairer. That, too, without taking a lot of time and energy. 

The Key Features

Netsuite CPQ is making rounds for multiple sales processes, and it’s fair to say the hype is justified. Its features are versatile and allow businesses to benefit from them. 

Guided Selling: NetSuite CPQ helps provide personalized products and services that help fulfill the customer’s needs in the best way possible. You can find them amongst a humungous group of SKUs that are presented using an e-Commerce catalog coupled with the most effective filtering tools. The customer can easily scroll through every option and comfortably find the most desirable one.  

Material and Routing Bills: Using this software, you can find a massive fall in your manufacturing costs and enhance your efficiency on the shop floor. NetSuite CPQ helps deliver a BOM that focuses on providing instructions divided from the NetSuite CPQ rules engine. It has all the data related to the raw materials needed to produce physical products. NetSuite CPQ offers a consolidated solution for all businesses looking for one. 

Configurator: NetSuite CPQ’s mechanism eases the entire sales process for you. They apply customized rules for different products. Henceforth, you don’t need extra time or effort to maintain regular quality checks.

Propose Generator: From offering personalized templates to the sales team to preparing the most accurate and informative proposals, the NetSuite CPQ software eases your business processes to a great extent. This tool takes care of all the details mentioned in the proposal and enables you to pitch a better proposal to the clients and customers. 

E-Commerce Incorporation: Product configurations have become super easy with NetSuite CPQ. It allows sales teams to access products, pricing, and quotes in various eCommerce solutions. It eases the business presentation and gives customers the perfect platform to choose their customized products and services. 

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What NetSuite CPQ Does For Businesses

When it comes to B2B dealing, configuring prices and preparing quotes is the most challenging part. It requires 100% accuracy and quick response times. Also, it calls for active communication and coordination between the sales, engineering, and operations teams so the result ensures uniformity. 

Nevertheless, it involves connecting different systems spreadsheets and various other point solutions. The problem comes when they become too much and too complicated to handle for all the teams involved. Gladly, this is where NetSuite CPQ eases the pressure for businesses looking to simplify their sales processes. 

You can entrust NetSuite CPQ with all your pricing and quoting activities, and it will provide you with the most terrific results. To support businesses increase sales and delivering a smooth buying experience for customers. NetSuite claims that its innovative and comprehensive solutions will enhance and streamline the sales process for multiple companies across different sectors.

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The Advantages of Using NetSuite CPQ For Your Business

When it comes to choosing software to help ease the pressure on your sales team, NetSuite CPQ satisfies this need to a great extent. Here are some benefits to tell you more about the benefits of using this emerging software. 

  • As you apply smart filters and rules, NetSuite CPQ makes your selected products that you wish to quote more relevant and tailored to your clients’ needs.
  • Using Netsuite CPQ, you can relax, knowing that the data needed to create quotations, proposals, and more will be available at the earliest and without any errors. 
  • NetSuite CPQ enables you to live up to the expectations of all your consumers and retain them for a long time by offering them a professional quote that is delivered within their specified timeframe. 
  • With several quote templates at your disposal, you can pick the most desirable design and highlight the different sections in appealing ways. 
  • To save extra effort and time, you can reuse the same templates in other contracts, including the header, signature section, terms and conditions, and more.
  • NetSuite CPQ allows your sales team to focus more on attracting potential clients while showing them the most desirable products and services; it also favors the chances for cross-selling.

The Final Word 

Sales management was arduous, and customization alongside the complex mechanisms only intensified it. However, automation has brought that intensity many levels down by equipping sales teams with the right software. Indeed, NetSuite CPQ is the most productive tool to enhance your sales processes these days, and you shall experience its brilliance only upon using it.

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