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NetSuite Status – How to know if NetSuite System, Server Page/Services are Down?

NetSuite is a leading cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. The platform is meant to integrate and automate various business functions and processes like inventory, human resources, finance, invoicing, marketing, purchasing, sales, and others. Thus, NetSuite ERP essentially creates a central nervous system for businesses, enabling them to become efficient and effective by controlling all business functions through a unified platform.

By creating a central data repository, NetSuite ERP also enables businesses to instantly access all the required information for vendors, products, transactions, customers, and others. Besides, by automating the various business functions, the platform also removes any chances of data discrepancies or redundancy that’s commonly associated with manual operations.

Businesses across industries implement NetSuite ERP system to not only boost their efficiency and streamline workflow processes but also to improve the cost-effectiveness of the processes. The system works in a multi-tenant architecture, where various business functions can operate within their walls, while also being centrally monitored and supervised for better coordination.

NetSuite ERP is being offered to businesses via a subscription-based model. As a SaaS solution, it’s the perfect platform for businesses of all sizes and shapes to implement NetSuite ERP with a “Pay-as-you-go” model. This ensures that they are only paying for the services they need, all the while being backed up for scalability as they grow.

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Folio3 is a Certified NetSuite Alliance Partner

NetSuite with all its strengths can be a really complex system to choose and implement. That’s because there’s so much being offered by the platform, which requires businesses to identify their requirements and choose the right solutions. Also, implementing the right architecture for the platform is essential for businesses to leverage the full potential of the ERP system.

Folio3 as a premium NetSuite integration partner brings in years of experience and robust expertise for the hassle-free implementation of NetSuite. With hundreds of successful NetSuite integration jobs, the company offers businesses a convenient, reliable, and streamlined approach to implement NetSuite modules required by businesses. The company offers complete integration and post-implementation support, enabling businesses to utilize the ERP platform to maximum efficiency.

Some of the businesses that we have worked with for NetSuite integration includes;

  • Software and technology
  • Retail and ecommerce
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Professional services
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Advertising
  • Apparels
  • Media and publishing
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Startups
  • Social enterprises

Some of the worth mentioning modules offered by NetSuite ERP includes;

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Ecommerce software
  • Manufacturing management
  • CRM for sales and customer support
  • Demand planning
  • Inventory management
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Human resource management
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How to Check NetSuite Status?

Well, with the intense business competition, a single minute of NetSuite downtime can cost businesses fortunes. And with so much automation and significance of an ERP system, businesses need to keep up with NetSuite system status all the time. Businesses would want to know all the time when NetSuite is down. Below we will be looking at three ways you can check NetSuite server status easily.

How do I check NetSuite status in netsuite.com?

NetSuite status page is and most reliable way to check the NetSuite status across different regions. To check NetSuite System status through netsuite.com you can visit;


Here you will find an update of NetSuite status with all the relevant details about complaints and any other issues that the system has experienced in the past.

Click on your specific region in the map (US West, US East, Germany Central, etc.) to generate region-specific reports

By clicking on your specific area, you will be able to see all the relevant details for NetSuite server status for the past week. The NetSuite status page will also show any specific issues faces by clients in your region, as well as, highlight the rectification of the issues.

How do I check NetSuite system status in downdetector.com?

Checking NetSuite status on downdetector.com is another popular and reliable way to ensure your ERP system is up and running.

You simply have to visit: https://downdetector.com/status/netsuite/

Here you will find any reported issues with NetSuite status, as well as, the current status. The website also highlights issues reported by users in the recent past, as well as, progress on the reported issues.

How do I check NetSuite server outage status in statusgator.com?

Last but not least, you can also check NetSuite server status through statusgator.com. To check out the NetSuite system status you can visit;


On the page, you will get the instant status for the NetSuite, along with various other information like status history for the platform, and recent outages and issues for NetSuite status. You can also signup for free instant notifications about any NetSuite server issues and downtime in the future.


What should I do if NetSuite is down?

In case NetSuite is down, it’s advisable to check the NetSuite status page for any official updates or news regarding the outage. Additionally, you can also contact NetSuite support for further assistance.

Where can I find information about a recent NetSuite outage?

Information regarding all recent outages can be found on the NetSuite status page. This page is updated in real-time and provides details about the nature and the status of the issue.

Where can I find historical data about NetSuite system status?

Historical data regarding system status and uptime can usually be found within the NetSuite status page or by contacting NetSuite support.

How reliable is NetSuite in terms of uptime?

NetSuite is known for its robust cloud infrastructure ensuring high levels of uptime. Detailed statistics regarding NetSuite’s uptime can be found on their status page.

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