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Power of NetSuite SuiteAnswers: Your Ultimate Guide

SuiteAnswers is the NetSuite self-service support site where you can view announcements, support articles, videos, help topics, and best practice documents for NetSuite. From SuiteAnswers, you can also submit a question or issue by email or contact NetSuite Customer Service by phone. Explore SuiteAnswers in detail on this blog.

What is NetSuite SuiteAnswers?

NetSuite Suite Answers serves as a comprehensive resource hub for NetSuite users, offering a wealth of information to enhance their understanding and utilization of the NetSuite platform. Whether you are seeking the latest announcements, troubleshooting support articles, instructional videos, or insightful best practice documents, SuiteAnswers is designed to cater to diverse user needs.

The platform’s user-friendly interface facilitates easy navigation, allowing users to locate relevant information to address their queries or challenges quickly. In addition to accessing a vast repository of self-help resources, users can take advantage of the option to submit questions or report issues directly through email. 

For those who prefer a more direct approach, SuiteAnswers provides contact details for NetSuite Customer Service, enabling users to reach out for personalized assistance via phone.

SuiteAnswers brings together different support channels and knowledge-sharing features to help NetSuite users maximize their platform experience. It’s all about solving problems efficiently and constantly improving how you use NetSuite’s powerful business management tools.

How to Access NetSuite Suite Answers?

To access SuiteAnswers, you have a couple of options within NetSuite:

  • Go to the NetSuite Help Center and click on “SuiteAnswers” in the toolbar.
  • Navigate within the NetSuite user interface, select “Support,” and then choose the “Go to SuiteAnswers” option. Alternatively, find the SuiteAnswers portlet on the Support tab and click on “Go to SuiteAnswers.”

Remember, you need to be logged into NetSuite to use SuiteAnswers. 

However, if you’re logged in with roles like Employee Center, Customer Center, Vendor Center, or Partner Center, accessing NetSuite Suite Answers directly may not be possible. In such cases, switch to a different role to gain access to SuiteAnswers.

Access Requirements for SuiteAnswers: You need to have your first and last name filled out in your employee records to get into SuiteAnswers. If these fields are empty, you’ll get an error message when trying to access SuiteAnswers. So, make sure your user details have the right first and last names.

SuiteAnswers vs. Help Center – The Difference


SuiteAnswers provides helpful resources, including articles on specific topics and instructional videos to guide users. It houses the NetSuite Knowledge Base, offering a wealth of information. 

While it doesn’t have a conventional Table of Contents, users can find detailed User Guides and even delve into the OpenAir Knowledge Base for additional support. However, SuiteAnswers lacks multi-language content and context-sensitive help. On the bright side, it offers NetSuite Virtual Support Assistant assistance.

Help Center

The NetSuite Help Center is your go-to hub for comprehensive assistance. It covers various topics with accessible Help Topics and informative videos. While it doesn’t include the NetSuite Knowledge Base, it compensates with a helpful Table of Contents, making navigation much more accessible. 

The User Guides are readily available, and the Help Center supports multiple languages. Additionally, it provides context-sensitive help for more targeted support. Unlike SuiteAnswers, the Help Center doesn’t feature the NetSuite Virtual Support Assistant.

Using Search in NetSuite Suite Answers

SuiteAnswers offers various tools to help you navigate and search through its extensive knowledge base effectively. You can use natural language, keywords, or article IDs when searching. 

Additionally, you can employ quotes to narrow down results by including specific phrases or searching for particular error messages. The search bar has valuable features such as suggested Type-ahead, which anticipates your query as you type, and a search history that simplifies retrieving your past searches.

To refine your search further, SuiteAnswers provides handy filters. You can filter results based on content type, product categories, and target audience, allowing you to pinpoint the most relevant information to your needs.

For critical announcements related to performance issues or planned maintenance, Suite Answers NetSuite ensures visibility by displaying them prominently at the top of the page. 

Users can quickly close these announcements by clicking the ‘X’ on the top right, and the announcements will only reappear after logging out and logging back into SuiteAnswers. 

This ensures that users stay informed about critical updates without disrupting their workflow.

Checking Your Support Level

To find out your NetSuite Support subscription level:

  • Go to the Support tab in your NetSuite account.
  • Choose “Go to SuiteAnswers.”
  • Click “Contact Support” at the top.

On the Contact Support page, you’ll see NetSuite Support phone numbers, your account number, and your support subscription level.

Basic SuiteSupport Overview

Inquiry TypeSupport ChannelsAvailability 
Critical ProblemPhone Support 24×7
Report a ProblemOnline Case (NetSuite Virtual Assistant)24×7
Ask a QuestionNetSuite Virtual Support Assistant24×7
NetSuite Community24×7

Premium SuiteSupport Overview

Inquiry TypeSupport ChannelsAvailability
Report a ProblemPhone Support24×7
Ask a QuestionOnline Case24×7
NetSuite Virtual Support Assistant24×7
NetSuite Community24×7

Creating a Support Case (Basic Support)

  • Go to the Support tab, select “Go to SuiteAnswers,” and click “Contact Support.”
  • Start with the NetSuite Virtual Support Assistant for quick answers.
  • If needed, request additional support options.
  • Choose “Report a Problem” to open the online support case form.
  • Describe your problem, answer questions, and attach relevant files.
  • Optionally, provide a contact number and select your time zone.
  • Optionally, allow a NetSuite Representative access.
  • Click “Submit Case.”

Creating a Support Case (Premium Support)

  • Go to the Support tab, select “Go to SuiteAnswers,” and click “Contact Support.”
  • Click “Create Support Case.”
  • Enter your query and check for related help topics.
  • If no match, select a case type and severity.
  • For a C1 case, indicate 24×7 availability or fill in additional fields.
  • Describe your problem, answer questions, and attach relevant files.
  • Optionally, provide a contact number and select your time zone.
  • Optionally, allow a NetSuite Representative access.
  • Click “Submit Case.”

You’ll get an email response as soon as possible. Response times vary based on your support level. Provide detailed information to improve response times. The case quality indicator helps guide you on the level of information to provide.

In Summary, NetSuite SuiteAnswers is a useful resource for accessing NetSuite information in addition to the existing Help Center. We hope this blog has provided you with a better understanding of NetSuite SuiteAnswers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Folio3. We would be delighted to answer any queries you may have.

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