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Features of Top ERPs for Wholesale & Distribution

The distribution industry is vastly populated with businesses. While some are startups or small-sized companies, others are well-established large-scale businesses with several channels and stakeholders involved. One feature that most product-based companies have in common is an extensive supply chain for wholesale and distribution.

Previously, it was all managed by a human workforce and manual documentation, which brought various complexities into play. From data inaccuracy to delayed timelines, handling wholesale and distribution processes was challenging. It led to significant issues and a fall in business productivity. 

However, technology has shifted things around, and one piece of automation doing wonders today is ERP software for wholesale distributors. It has brought a much-needed breakthrough in this industry, and more businesses are starting to work with it.

The Features That Wholesale & Distribution Businesses Need

Your wholesale and distribution business might need to catch up on technological advancements that can be supremely helpful. Here are some ways technology can help you maximize your potential. 

  • The features of sales order management can digitize sales analysis, order processing, and sales channel management by collecting customer data through omnichannel ordering mechanisms like POS software. 
  • Your business might need financial planning tools that assist you with tax regulations, payments, currencies, and automated cost calculators suitable for your operations and area.
  • Technology helps manage processing and order fulfillment, enabling you to attain more exact stock information and helping automate packing, picking, shipping, and storage processes.
  • Your distributors have an advantage by having their contact, account, and customer identifiers gathered and synced to the ERP platform. By using this feature correctly, you can attain customer satisfaction.
  • The ERP software developed for distributors gives your real-time inventory insights and the proficiency to forecast stock to match customer demand efficiently. Also, they help manage third-party orders, drop shipments, and schedule regular purchases.
  • Automation helps you connect with vendors, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Be it an eCommerce platform for electronics or an entity for medical supply via an online ordering outlet, having pricing, product, customer, and order information in one place.

Top ERP Systems Available Today

By now, you must be well aware of the importance of ERP. It is a tool that stands out in multiple ways, and various entities offer a version of their own. Have a look at the most popular ones. 

SAP ERP System

One of the oldest and most beneficial tools of all is the SAP ERP system. The System Analysis Program (SAP) was introduced in 1992 and has been getting familiar with more businesses yearly. Since then, it is the most popular ERP software ever to exist. 

It serves highly efficient features for a massive variety of business data concerns. The SAP ERP system gives you everything from real-time analytics, data consolidation, machine learning processes, and budgeting features.

Moreover, it is suited for companies of every size, mainly small-scale businesses. SAP ERP system allows free trials, so users get to experience the services of their software before paying a hefty sum for it.

Microsoft ERP System

Microsoft is one of the most established software companies globally, with its ERP known as Dynamics 365. It is a cloud-based technology that provides cutting-edge solutions, including customer relationship management (CRM), financial analytics, AI tools, and product attributes. 

Dynamics 365 is consistent with organizations of every capacity, presenting a  distinct pricing plan for each. It is partly due to Microsoft’s brand recognition, giving them sales and marketing flexibility that other businesses don’t have. 

Dynamics 365 can be used for project automation, marketing, retail operations, customer service, human resources, and more. It provides vital financial data and encourages more informed decision-making with all the available information.

Sage ERP System

It is one of the largest, oldest, and most widely used accounting and enterprise software businesses around the globe. It has been in business since 1981, delivering ERP services for various organizations with expertise.

Sage’s eCommerce accounting, financial analytics, eCommerce payment systems, and payroll tools are four of its major strengths. It also provides mobile-based technology so that company proprietors can make effective decisions, that too with timeliness.

Sage offers multiple ERP solutions for businesses of different sizes including Sage Business Cloud for smaller and medium-sized companies and Sage X3 for big corporations. 

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is an on-demand service that eliminates any hardware to procure and doesn’t demand large, complex setups or up-front license fees. Since NetSuite is an online service, all vital business functions and data are available anywhere and anytime. 

Such a facility addresses various issues arising from a server/client architecture. The employees must be physically present at work to log in and maintain updated information on customers, prospects, partners, and employees. The best part about NetSuite is that the user’s physical location doesn’t matter, as data is available from anywhere.

What Makes Netsuite ERP Systems the Best Option for Wholesale & Distribution Industry?

In today’s world, remaining competitive in a volatile business environment asks Wholesale distributors to be on their toes and quickly adapt to the latest technology. 

And well, NetSuite’s service ERP for wholesale distribution enables distributors to operate their setup through a single cloud-based software that serves flexibility and real-time visibility throughout your business. 

Furthermore, its highly organized inventory and warehouse management applications assist businesses lower overheads and fastening delivery time.  It also helps boost your sales, marketing, and customer support abilities while increasing engagement all through the customer life cycle.

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