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What is NetSuite Used For – ERP And CRM Explained

NetSuite software is one of the most widely-used cloud-based, self-operating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms for businesses. NetSuite enables businesses to grow sustainably and streamline their operations. The cloud-based ERP system comprises various modules required to maintain fast and efficient operations along with sustainable growth including customer relationship management (CRM), service resource planning, order management, payroll and HR management, warehouse and inventory management, and various other modules.

NetSuite ERP platform comes with various benefits to businesses of all sizes and types. It enables businesses to create a central data repository and minimize chances of errors, while also lowering the processes’ inefficiencies which may be caused by manual operations and switching between applications.

The NetSuite software is a one-stop solution for all business operational requirements. The cloud-based ERP solution by NetSuite is offered through a subscription model, which is ideal for small and medium businesses to pay only for modules which they require, and streamline their business operations without having to worry about errors and inefficiencies. With the central repository, it’s easier for businesses to store and access key data securely even from remote locations.

At present NetSuite is one of the most widely used ERP systems which is powering over 40,000 businesses around the world. The platform offers various application integrations and extensions, compatible with various systems, thus enabling easy integration with existing infrastructure. This also brings added value to the developers, integration partners, and end-users to modify the platform as per their unique business needs.

What is NetSuite Used for?

NetSuite offer businesses a unified business suite with end-to-end ERP solutions across all areas of business operations and workflows. Here are some of the functionalities included in the NetSuite platform:

So, the answer to what is NetSuite used for is that it offers businesses a single stop solution for all the critical business functions; eliminating the need for any other applications.

What is NetSuite for Different Business Types?

NetSuite is a completely scalable ERP solution, which is ideal for all types and sizes of businesses. its agility enables small, medium, and large businesses to operate their key business operations with a highly customized and diverse assortment of functionalities. The platform is also ideal for businesses operating in B2B or B2C industries. The cloud-based ERP platform can be accessed remotely through all platforms including desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, significantly increasing business efficiencies.

NetSuite is also ideal for multinational companies, as it supports multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.

What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite ERP comprises of the complete suite of integrated services that are completely customizable to meet unique business needs. The ERP suite offered by the NetSuite platform includes human resources, Inventory management, warehouse management, resource planning, automation of professional services, and much more; thus delivering the complete package of professional services required to streamline business processes and minimize inefficiencies.

NetSuite is enabling businesses of all sizes to increase accounting efficiencies, manage costs, and help them streamline the procurement process for efficient order management. By automating the key business operations, NetSuite ERP is eliminating the need for manual interventions in business processes, thereby, maximizing the overall productivity for businesses.

The financial management and accounting module offered in NetSuite help improve the financial reporting for businesses, while, also improving the employees’ productivity. It also enables businesses to improve their decision-making process by offering them key insights into business performance.

What is NetSuite CRM?

The customer relationship management (CRM) module offered by NetSuite is a cloud-based SaaS platform that enables businesses to automate various key operations, which remained hideous with the traditional approach. And since, it’s cloud-based, it can be accessed by all team members remotely via the internet or web browser with no downtime, thereby, significantly improving the business efficiency. The NetSuite CRM offered advanced features, which aren’t found in many of the older CRMs, such as providing an overview of the customers in real-time. The bringing in all the potential customer-related information under a single system, it helps enhance the organizations’ interactions with the customers and improve customer service. The NetSuite CRM comes with various processes like sales forecasting, partnership relation management, marketing automation, and customer service management, all aimed to improve business functionalities and increase efficiencies in business processes.

NetSuite CRM for Large Businesses

NetSuite CRM offers various benefits and features which may be significantly useful for large businesses. Some of these benefits of NetSuite CRM for large businesses include:

  • With NetSuitebusinesses are no longer required to managing their local servers, which isn’t just hectic but also cost-intensive, as it requires a dedicated team to keep these servers in working positions. Since NetSuite is a cloud-based platform, businesses no longer need to worry about the system integrity, maintenance, and infrastructure, thereby reducing the operational cost and improving efficiencies
  • Since it’s a cloud-based platform, businesses no longer require large office space to maintain servers
  • NetSuite ensures maximum uptime for businesses, thereby, significantly improving the customer service and boosting overall business productivity
  • The platform is completely scalable, thereby businesses can rely on NetSuite to grow as they require
  • NetSuite offers end-to-end encryptions, making it a highly secure platform for businesses. It also offers an additional layer of security by offering individual IP addresses and dedicated networks

NetSuite CRM for Small and Medium Businesses

With its pay-as-you-go model and scalability, NetSuite is highly helpful for SMEs, as it offers them a cost-effective approach to grow. Since most SMEs operate with a limited budget, NetSuite offers them a big relief where they are no longer required to maintain a dedicated in-house team for daily tasks, which can be automated for lower-cost and improved efficiency.

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What language is NetSuite written in?

The server-side language of NetSuite is JavaScript, which enables customers to write business logic efficiently without the need to learn a new language.

What is NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is one of the leading loud professional services automation solutions that enable business leaders, teams, project managers, and consumers to gain increased visibility, stay connected, thus improving the overall productivity of the business.

What is NetSuite OneWorld?

NetSuite OneWorld offers SMEs, multinational businesses, NGOs, and non-profit organizations a unified global business management platform at an affordable cost, as compared to on-site ERP solution.

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