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NetSuite CRM – Boost Your Business

Business is all about doing the right thing at the right time. You can only run a successful business if you have a vision, solid strategy, and precise resources. The first two things are usually done before starting a business, whereas the latter is ever-changing. The jargon ‘cloud computing’ is pretty standard these days today as automation is the key to success, you need to be a step ahead to remain in the market. That is where NetSuite CRM comes in handy. It has been used extensively by many SMEs lately.

What is NetSuite CRM?

NetSuite CRM is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) to automate different tasks of a business, which were hideous when done traditionally. Could-based means that the remote serves are available with no downtime. You can access them via the internet and web browser. It is a robust and powerful customer relationship management having a massive edge over old CRMs. The software allows you to have a 360-degree view of your potential customers in real-time. It has eased the interaction of any organization with their buyers. By bringing all the customer-related information under one hood, it helps to provide better customer service. It combines a variety of processes such as marketing automation, sales forecasting, sales force automation, partnership relation management, and customer service management.

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Who Uses NetSuite CRM?

NetSuite CRM is an effective marketing automation solution that most SMEs use. It has over 40,000 customers worldwide that occasionally use this software in their companies and organizations. Business practices vary from person to person. However, mainly it is being used to manage retails, financials, distributions, and automation. NetSuite has indeed helped the businesses to grow further by expanding their horizons.

NetSuite CRM for Enterprise

NetSuite CRM is an all in one tool which can be tremendously helpful for large companies and enterprises. Some of its useful aspects are listed below:

  • Without it, the company needs to maintain its local servers, and regular update is required. It can be hectic and costly since you require a separate and dedicated team merely to maintain those servers. Whereas NetSuite provides an easy workaround to this. With their cloud-based servers, you no longer need to work about system integrity, infrastructure, and maintenance.
  • Due to its cloud-based architecture, it can help you reduce your in-office space since you won’t be needing any specialized servers to keep in office.
  • Another key advantage is that enterprises and their customers will not face any downtime or interruptions. It is because, in case of any problem, your traffic is transferred automatically to another running server.
  • In case of further business growth or scalability, you can easily do it by accessing more server space and bandwidth.
  • Different servers have the same data with highly encrypted passwords policies and more. This approach makes the NetSuite highly secured. It can further provide an additional layer of security by allowing access to individual IP addresses and networks.
  • It further helps to improve your customer service by providing adequate historical and current records of interactions of customers with your company.
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NetSuite CRM for Small Businesses

NetSuite can be helpful for SMEs since it helps scalability and is easy to implement. One way or the other, seeking to expand one’s small business into a large company is always the goal.

Usually, for SMEs, the budget is tight. One cannot have whole teams for some tasks which software can handle in a shorter time. By using this software, one can achieve their business goals quite early. Other use cases where it can be helpful for SMEs are listed below:

  • Knowledge Management: Through this feature, the organization can easily maintain, organize and publish their content such as employees’ role, trending news, or any official communication, making it convenient for both the employees and consumers to find the required document on the website. It makes the user experience pleasant, which is essential for SMEs.
  • Marketing Automation: NetSuite CRM allows you to keep an eye on all the dealings your clients and buyers made on your website and integrated their data quickly into your system. Everything the visitor on your site does is recorded, and such information can be used for further future marketing leads and campaigns. This feature will help SMEs to grow and further emerge as a brand.
  • Tracking Employee Activity: This software helps the managers and HR to track the workflow, task-completion, and progress reports of their workers. This way, managers can have a reasonable estimation of the progress and accomplishments of their employees. It can reduce the workload for HR and makes it manageable for a single person (for SMEs).
  • SalesForce Automation: NetSuite CRM’s sales force system can help the business manage their sales much more effectively. This software can help you scale up your sales by improving your customer relationships.
  • Sales Forecasting: NetSuite CRM helps the marketing department of the business to estimate their sales and predict the real-time forecasts. It has all the relevant tools for accurate forecasting. All these can be viewed easily from one’s dashboard. It can help the data scientist and releases the headache for a big team of them at the initial stages of a business.
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Netsuite CRM Pricing for Enterprise and SMEs

NetSuite CRM pricing is optimum considering the benefits. It is available for subscriptions based price. You can either buy the full pack or just the exact software you would like to use and pay monthly. Mostly, NetSuite CRM pricing depends and varies on what functions and modules you go with and the number of users, which varies depending upon the provided cloud services and selected products.

Folio3 Netsuite CRM Services Review And Testimonials

Folio3 NetSuite CRM implementation and customization services are remarkable, backed by a team of experts with vast domain knowledge and experience with the services.

Delivering projects ahead of time is one noticeable feature of this team. According to testimonials, the team works beyond expectations and deliver what is expected or even better. Their team has an in-depth knowledge of SEO techniques. Integrating top-notch SEO in projects, you are more likely to observe more traffic.

NetSuite CRM review state that Folio3 teams is utterly responsive and have hands-on experience with almost all the latest e-commerce plugins and frameworks. Some of their specialized areas in this domain include Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce. Their timely replies and dedication make that stand out in the crowd. Their passionate team can help you integrate any complex problems that you may come across while deploying it into your website or application.

Even if you want to transfer to NetSuite, Folio3 makes it pretty easy. They truly understand all the demands and needs and then serve accordingly. Especially with the integration problems of your NetSuite with Magento or Shopify, Folio3 makes it seamless and fixes within no time.

Folio3 must be your destination, whether you are looking for an upgrade configuration or intending to switch to NetSuite services. In short, they are powerful NetSuite implementation partners. Their extensive comprehensive work can leave anyone in awe.

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Netsuite CRM Demo

After discussing all the advantages and benefits of NetSuite, you might be thinking, wouldn’t it be great if somehow you could have a NetSuite free trial or NetSuite Demo? Well good news, NetSuite gives a free demo for 14 days. In this period, you can get yourself familiar with the interface and features it has to offer. It can surely fascinate you with all the admiring features it contains. It has a bunch of limited custom characteristics that you can use in the free trial.


  • Is NetSuite a CRM or Cloud ERP System?

NetSuite is a software as a provider that provides a bunch of services. CRM and ERP are just two of their products. NetSuite has its software stored in a cloud system, which are separate servers that you can access via the internet. All you need is a web browser to use the software.

  • How much does NetSuite CRM cost or free trial available?

The price varies depending on the business requirements and the scope of the implementation. A 14-day free trial and demo are available for this product.

  • What is NetSuite CRM used for startups?

NetSuite CRM can be used effectively for startups, especially for e-commerce startups. If you are short on a team, this software can automate and deliver many of your tasks, with satisfactory results. It can help scalability later in the future for startups.

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