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Property Management Can Be Hassle-Free

Management of residential or commercial properties falls under the umbrella term “property management.” It includes all that goes into the upkeep, growth, and management of a real estate investment. You may think of it as everything from the moment you buy the property until the moment you decide to sell it.

Challenges Faced During Property Management

Increasing the Revenue

To increase revenue, a company must implement a more effective revenue-building plan, investigate the multifamily market, choose properties with a positive cash flow, and improve operational efficiency. It’s impossible to keep up with rising costs without increasing income.

Minimizing Unexpected Costs

Even if routine maintenance isn’t a problem, unanticipated repairs might be quite expensive. For many property managers, the most difficult part of their job is dealing with damage to the property and the resulting need for emergency maintenance and repairs.

Time Management

Managers of many properties typically find it challenging to prioritize their workload. In this case, they may wind up ignoring properties that aren’t as lucrative as others, which might lead to major problems in the future.

Managing Tenants

Property managers often find it difficult to keep up with many calls from the same individual in less than a minute. The trick here is to set realistic expectations about the Property Manager’s availability at the outset of your relationship with them as either an owner or a renter. At the outset, you need to focus on valuing high-volume, high-quality businesses (and not taking on all of them). Conflict arises when these ideals conflict.

Other challenges include marketing, accounting tasks, complying with governmental regulations, etc.

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NetSuite Property Management Solution

In today’s real estate market, things are always shifting and evolving. NetSuite makes real estate management solutions possible. It provides an adequate foundation and allows property managers to respond to new information in real-time. NetSuite provides access to a variety of information, including asset, customer, and employee information. Businesses can use of the advanced ERP features of the software as the property management system is connected with NetSuite. ERP skills can make administration tasks simpler and aid in avoiding the obstacles associated with growing into new terrain. Moreover. you can also modify financial reporting automatically to account for differences in taxation across different jurisdictions with multi-currency conversion capabilities and built-in tax compliance.

Full-Scale Dashboards 

In addition to trend graphs, lists, and analytics, the NetSuite Real Estate Solution provides a wide range of dashboard portlets. The examples listed below are of management dashboards that are designed specifically for real estate:

  • Highest bidder against the property Matured PDCs
  • Contracts Expiration \sIncome/Expense/Cashflows

Creation Of Properties

NetSuite allows you to quickly and easily construct and configure properties/units and specify custom features.

In the process of constructing properties and units, you have the following options:

  • Define the address and the property type
  • Add images.
  • Determine if it is owned or rented.

It is possible to build up a broad range of real estate projects with all the information necessary to sell and lease real estate, short-term and long-term rentals, recreational vehicles (RVs), and much more. You can also customize other factors, including sales teams, agents, and accounting postings. It is possible to build up several hierarchies for your property, such as the number of towers and levels in each one, the villa and the individual apartments.

Leading To Tenant Cycle

You can serve customers better. Easily monitor and manage a tenant’s complete life cycle from the time of opportunity identification through the formation of a lease contract. The real-time dashboards provide salespeople and managers with a greater understanding needs and expectations of their customers.

You may use CRM features to:

  • Manage the lifespan of a tenant.
  • Set up standards for agents to follow depending on the kind of properties they are working with.
  • Management of documents and communications
  • The most important metrics to measure the effectiveness of salespeople
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Contract Creation

You can use Netsuite Property Management to create and maintain tenancy contracts. All forms required by local real estate laws to ensure no details are omitted are included in the contract screen. A Tenancy Agreement may be created in the following ways:

To comply with local real estate rules, please complete all fields.

  • Fill in all information as per local real estate requirements
  • Attach documents
  • Initiate invoicing by one click

Finance and Accounting

It is via NetSuite Financial Module that all property management transactions are connected to the books of accounts. Financial reporting is based on these transactions, which are very detailed and precise. Using NetSuite, finance professionals can create, adapt, and simplify their processes and operations. Improved financial closure efficiency and reduced back-office expenses are achieved by integrating key finance and accounting activities with effective compliance management in NetSuite. You need real-time access to live financial data to promptly address delays and provide reports and disclosures that meet many regulatory financial compliance standards.


NetSuite Property Management Solution enables you to harvest leads from websites, landing pages, property sales sites, social media, and other sources. If you can break through the silos between marketing, sales, and support, you’ll be able to provide better service to customers.

Management of property leases

Moreover, it provides all the tools you need to keep track of the leases on your properties. With the comprehensive property lease management tool, you can centralize your lease data across all of your properties and units. You’ll be able to see all of your leased and empty apartments in one place. You can streamline tenant screenings and accounting activities through a lease quotation generator. Moreover, you can handle any costs associated with renting out a property from your customer portals.

Electronic Invoices and Payments by Customers

NetSuite Property Management automates billing and payment processes according to the rental billing cycles. You can also organize security deposits and other payments, whether they’re made immediately or in instalments over time. 

Managing Rental Agreements with Flexibility 

You can extend the contracts, replace things, or terminate contracts early, and change conditions mid-contract. 

Renter’s Item Care and Repair

Keep detailed records of all rental vehicle maintenance operations and expenditures. Just replace the rented goods when you require repairs.

Management of the Community

  • Tenants and Owners’ Administration
  • Address the complaints and maintenance requests from tenants.
  • Log and allocate a ticket to the relevant agent as soon as you receive it.  
  • Get notified when your rent or contract is due.
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Using NetSuite’s features, you’ll be able to handle sophisticated regular financials like calculating rental rates/costs, depreciation, taxes, contracts administration, and reports production. All of this while adhering to regulatory norms and safeguarding the rights of tenants and landlords.

Certified NetSuite partners like Folio3 can help you with the seamless customization, integration, and implementation of NetSuite Property Management solutions to make your real estate business a lot more streamlined, hassle-free, and profitable.

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