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Streamlining Your Payment Gateway with NetSuite Folio3 SagePay Connector

Executive Summary:

Learn how automating the data synchronization between SagePay and NetSuite with the NetSuite Folio3 SagePay connector may streamline your payment gateway.

Although starting your firm can be a rewarding experience for personal development and talent discovery, every entrepreneur will inevitably suffer some setbacks. For example, making money sounds great, but the process of processing it could give suppliers a few headaches.

Both retailers and customers need a seamless and secure online experience in today’s technologically advanced eCommerce world. All parties involved, including B2B/B2C vendors, banks, payment processors, and customers, face challenging processes due to rising expectations for cheaper fees, multi-currency options, and localized cashless payment methods in the expanding online payment processing sector.

Here are the principal difficulties businesses encounter with payment processing and how NetSuite SagePay Connector can assist you in overcoming them.

Top Difficulties Businesses Face While Processing Payments Online

Managing payment gateway activity across numerous systems can be daunting and time-consuming, which can result in mistakes and inefficiencies. Below are the major challenges every business face when managing a payment gateway.

High Processing fees

Turnover is crucial. But if you don’t take action to reduce operating costs, you run the risk of squeezing both current and future profits. Every firm must be able to accept payments online in the modern, digital-first business environment. However, no company can afford to overpay for the privilege.

There may be alternatives that offer the same functionality at a much better price point if you’re paying a large percentage of your revenue to the current payment platform supplier.

Multiple payment channels

All businesses want to make it simple for customers to pay in a method that suits them, whether they want to pay in person with a physical credit or debit card or online using an e-wallet. Some people might even wish to serve cryptocurrency users.

However, the associated costs and logistical issues multiply enormously if businesses employ various vendors for various payment channels. Thankfully, there are integrated platforms that support payments through several channels. As a result, you won’t have to rely on many providers or shell out for various setup and maintenance expenses.

Risks to security

When selecting a payment partner, fraud protection is a very important factor. Customers anticipate being able to transact with you in a completely safe manner. Conversely, selecting the incorrect payment partner could permanently damage your reputation if your clients become victims of fraudsters. Therefore, compliance with Security Standards Council (SSC) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements is crucial. 

However, because your reputation is at stake, you could be drawn to a payment platform that goes above and above. Extra security redundancies like point-to-point encryption, fraud management filters, and tokenization can all increase the security of transactions.

Inadequate internet bandwidth

Low internet speed, a prevalent but treatable problem, is typically to blame for declined online payments. However, low internet bandwidth can be a serious issue regardless of how sophisticated your virtual presence is, especially if you employ an integrated payment gateway.

The payment procedure may be halted if the servers are unresponsive. In addition, it frequently leads to the payment being deducted from the customer’s bank account but not reaching the merchant, which causes additional problems for both the customer and the company.

Lack of assistance

The majority of firms no longer run from 9 to 5. When their payment partners fail to offer them accessible support when they most need it, it can be frustrating. In addition, the financial flow of your business may be strained by unprocessed or delayed payments, which can also irritate customers. Payment processing should be smooth, rapid, and always available. You should select a new platform to receive service during and after regular business hours.

Technological fusion

A payment gateway integrated store aids in securely processing online payments from your website to your bank when conducting business online. However, it can only be easy to integrate the payment gateway with the incident. The procedure can require assistance and support.

Making a payment system a part of your website or app involves some processes and considerations you must consider. Consider whether it can be quickly incorporated without specialized programming knowledge and whether the system fits within your company’s infrastructure.

How Folio3 NetSuite SagePay is the Perfect Solution to Streamline your Payment Gateway?

Folio3’s NetSuite SagePay Connector integration allows you to streamline your company’s financial operations. SagePay and Netsuite are connected transparently with this connection, enabling quick and secure payment processing. With the help of the NetSuite Folio3 SagePay connection, you can automatically sync data from SagePay’s payment gateway with NetSuite to get real-time insight into your payment activity. In addition, automatically updating transactions and client information can save you time and do away with human data entry. 

Major Benefits of Implementing Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay in Your Business 

Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay allows you to manage your finances and account effectively. Eliminate errors, delays, duplications, and redundancies while managing your payments. Some of the major benefits include:

Payment and Customer data synchronization without interruption

Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay operates so that the customer’s data will get synchronized automatically without interruption.

Reduced mistakes and manual data entry

While manual data entry has a 40% chance of mistakes and errors but with the integration of the Folio3 NetSuite SagePay Connector gateway, the ratio of mistakes comes almost to 0%.

Improved client experience and simplified checkout

A lengthy and onerous payment process in the last phases is one of the main causes of cart abandonment, a major problem for organizations. Although integrating a reliable gateway payment connector like Folio3 might help in transaction success, Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay also provides ease of use and speed of execution are as vital. Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay also eliminates the complicated processes, numerous details, and slowly loading websites that can annoy users and ultimately cost retailers a lot of money.

Enhanced accuracy and effectiveness of financial operations

When you work with a reputable and knowledgeable payment connection like NetSuite Folio3 Sagepay, payment gateways don’t have to be as complicated as they might seem. Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay offers improved accuracy with perfection.

Highlighted Features of Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay

Successful Error Handling

The NetSuite SagePay Connector’s integration error-handling technology aids in minimizing errors during data import and export between NetSuite and your system.

The easy checkout process on all devices 

Folio3 NetSuite Sagepay optimizes a configurable checkout process for mobile devices and network types.

Order Import Status

Order status can be imported from SagePay to NetSuite using the SagePay NetSuite Integration. The current order status will be imported into NetSuite through the Folio3 SagePay connector and kept in “Sales Orders” entries. The imported sale order data will all be kept under “Pending Approval” until SagePay confirms the payment status.

High-end Automation

Integrating Opayo, formerly SagePay, with NetSuite enables easy connectivity with numerous databases.


With the aid of digital technology, many businesses have kept up a steady development path, but many others are only now beginning to realize their full potential. Therefore, merchants must also be aware of the items on the market that can turn around their company as technology advances and becomes more and more important to the success of every online business.

An effective payment gateway can drastically reduce most problems associated with online payments and enhance the customer experience. As a result, numerous customers rely on the Folio3 NetSuite Sadegay Payment Gateway to handle their payment-related problems and increase transaction success rates.


How do customers integrate gateway payments?

A website’s steps for adding a payment method are listed under.

  • Check your website host’s compatibility.
  • Choose your payment gateways or methods.
  • Comparing the fees and service costs
  • Add the payment method.
  • Establish a merchant account.

Is Sage Pay a payment gateway?

Payment gateway Sage Pay provides seamless services to its clients. Their payment processing is quick and safe. Connect to Sage Pay with Folio3 NetSuite to process payments.

What was Sagepay’s last name?

Sagepay used to go by the name Opayo. The highest standards of encryption are used for all transactions on Opayo. In addition, you can trust that Opayo’s services are secure because our payment systems are routinely reviewed.

What function does a payment gateway serve?

By moving money from your merchant account to a payment processor through a credit card terminal or processor, payment gateways enable you to accept credit card payments (offline or in person).

What significance do security and the payment system have?

Transferring online payments, client information, and other sensitive information is made easier by secure payment processing, which also guards against fraud and other security problems.

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