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Take Your B2B Ecommerce Platform Beyond the Cart

B2B commerce success demands more than just a visually appealing website. Businesses must develop websites that attract and retain business clients, optimize their purchasing efforts, and reduce their time spent on the site. A NetSuite B2B eCommerce platform should offer an online webshop and password-protected, self-service capabilities for your customers to handle all elements of their business relationship. Your B2B eCommerce platform should be able to handle purchase, billing, and customer service for your customers.

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Make Online Purchases As Easy As Possible

While moving your company online might simplify the purchase process, your clients will still want the same price and discounts they obtained when doing business with their sales representatives directly. Additionally, B2B purchasers buy in quantity and often repurchase the same products, unlike consumers. A B2B e-commerce platform should include the following capabilities:

Prices, Terms, and Credit Limits 

Offer the same customized price, conditions, and credit limitations to your online customers as you do to your physical ones. Additionally, you may provide channel or volume discounts for the same item. In addition, you may force visitors to log in before they can see price information.

Product Lists 

Create bespoke lists of popular or often bought goods for consumers to accelerate future transactions with the help of “Product Lists”. Customers may add an entire list of saved goods to their shopping basket and make rapid, large purchases with just a click.

Quick Order

Reorder goods from previous purchases or add things to the basket by SKU.


The quotation procedure should be streamlined to save time. Your website should provide the ability for customers to submit an RFP (Request for Quote). If necessary, a representative from the firm might change the price. The quotation may subsequently be turned into an online order by the customer.

Private Sites 

Secure your site by forcing customers to check-in before viewing prices or accessing other features.

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Streamline and Automate the Billing Procedures

Offering online payment review and management to your clients helps streamline and simplify your invoicing process. You can save time and money by enabling customers to manage their accounts through self-service features, which also empowers them to do so at any time and from any location. Giving your B2B eCommerce clients these features will demonstrate how much you respect their time.

View Account Balances

You may get a summary of your current and historical account balances, as well as any deposits, credit memos, and any conditions linked with those amounts.

Review Invoices and Make Payments

It is easy to make whole or partial payments against one, or many invoices provided account conditions are available.

Use Multiple Payment Methods 

Provide B2B payment options such as invoice billing, credit limitations, and ACH processing, all of which may be used simultaneously.

Assist Customers in Obtaining Help

Offer self-service options to your consumers, as well as thorough case management, fast returns, and monitoring for field services that allow your staff to satisfy client demands. Customers will be more satisfied with your B2B eCommerce platform if it has these features:


Customers may request an online return authorization by enabling self-service returns management.

Case Management

Enhance customer happiness and loyalty by allowing consumers to submit inquiries or issues to your help desk directly.

Order History

Customers should be able to see their whole purchase history, including shipping, invoicing, and payment information, in one place. Repurchase what you’ve already purchased.

Order Status 

Provide your customers with links to check the status of their purchases.

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Is B2B eCommerce Worth the Investment? 

NetSuite B2B eCommerce platforms may be expensive because of the wide range of functionality, integrations, and restrictions that must be installed. As a result, the cost of a flawless site might be a little scary. Is the price tag, therefore, reasonable?

Yes. With the newest technology, setting up a NetSuite B2B e-commerce platform dedicated to your business may be a whole new experience for you and your company. Building a platform for online sales is an investment with significant profit potential.

The majority of people prefer to acquire goods and services on the internet. According to Forrester’s research, customers prefer self-service features on eCommerce platforms over conventional sales tactics. According to the same study, B2B eCommerce sales in the United States would total over $18 trillion by 2023, representing 17% of total B2B sales. See By 2023, US business-to-business e-commerce will reach $1.8 trillion, according to a new report.

The following are a few of the main reasons why:

More Deals Closed In Less Time

NetSuite B2B eCommerce systems are expensive, but they’re worth it because of how many sales they can generate with little effort from your staff. Even new consumers can quickly traverse your inventory with a self-service shopping experience, discover realistic costs based on their specific circumstances, purchase items in bulk, and request that these products be modified to their requirements. Customer service representatives aren’t required throughout the whole process since features like live support chat boxes make it easy for customers to get assistance right away.

Get More Visibility Online

Product and information publishing on your website may dramatically improve traffic even though the self-service model is an important milestone for B2B eCommerce. Your B2B eCommerce business can attract highly motivated prospects by concentrating on search engine optimization (SEO), bringing them straight to your online store!

Provide A Personalized Shopping Experience

Using a NetSuite B2B eCommerce system, you may provide your customers with a more customized shopping experience. Buyer profiles may use to tailor your items and pricing. You can classify customers and show them the most relevant things to them. In addition, this includes customized payment options, such as recurrence and price negotiation.

Even though B2B eCommerce platforms are expensive, the advantages they provide far outweigh their costs. If you want to get more clients and close more transactions, a platform suited to your business’s specific requirements might become a great tool. The correct B2B eCommerce platform can make customer buying easier, and it may bring out the best in any company.


To keep up with the continuously changing expectations of your B2B consumers. You need to reinvent the purchasing experience and go beyond first and second-generation technologies. In many cases, a unified, NetSuite cloud-based eCommerce platform provides the agility and flexibility necessary to maintain pace with business. Folio3 can help you with seamless customization, integration, and implementation of NetSuite into your operational model so that you can enjoy a much more efficient workflow and enhanced profitability.

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