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The Clever Ways NetSuite Helps Shops Stay Open Amidst the Pandemic

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Businesses worldwide are trying to assert a “new normal.” With the economy’s uncertainties and places progressively reopening, many concerns still exist. Fortunately, NetSuite is working around the clock to ensure that their customers are safe and that their businesses can continue to operate. Here are the top six ways NetSuite assists businesses in prospering amid a pandemic.

NetSuite Community Exchange

Essential goods and services are in high demand, but these products only reach a tiny number of potential clients due to quick stockouts. That is why NetSuite created the NetSuite Community Exchange, a marketplace offering important services for NetSuite customers. Businesses have decided to offer high-demand items and services such as sanitary products, masks, gloves, etc. Users have access to materials that are crucial to helping them reopen safely, thanks to this platform’s approximately 21,000 customers and 500 partners.

Cloud Data for an Easy Work-From-Home Transition

NetSuite users are well aware of the cloud-based benefits that their product provides. Some firms must adapt to a work-from-home lifestyle because of stay-at-home demands. Fortunately, NetSuite can switch as soon as opening a laptop because of the cloud platform. Users have access to the same information they would otherwise have or may require. Furthermore, with NetSuite’s data protection, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure in the cloud.

Better planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Building an airtight budget necessitates open communication between departments and a thorough understanding of all finances and market trends. Fortunately, NetSuite’s 2020.2 Release 2 has included new capabilities that will assist organisations in planning, budgeting, and forecasting more properly. NetSuite provides your team with the financial flexibility they require to consolidate data for a comprehensive view of financial and operational data and streamline procedures to predict the most accurate and achievable goals.

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Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is critical for retail stores that directly cater to their consumers. Customers will appreciate the ease and safety of curbside pickup while still supporting a retailer. You may host an integrated website that allows your clients to check out online and pick up at curbside using SuiteCommerce’s user-friendly features. It increases revenue and provides your clients with more purchasing options, improving their overall experience.

Virtual Event Open For Business

In NetSuite’s Open for Business Events, leaders gather to share their challenges and accomplishments. This virtual event is a continuing video series that focuses on the challenges businesses face today and how CEOs address them. This series features everything from managing cash flow to scenario planning to return to the workplace safely. In unpredictable times, this discourse among small business owners helps to promote adaptability and resilience.

Guide to Business Resources Now

NetSuite’s resource guide, Business Now, may be a better option if you want to read up on best practices. This handbook, filled with blog posts and playbooks, provides failing organisations insights, advice, and tools. Furthermore, Business Now includes real-life accounts from business owners on how they’ve had to adjust to the pandemic’s demands. One featured tale is Bedford Industries, which went from manufacturing twist ties to making PPE face shields in a week after launching a SuiteCommerce website.

Why Should You Take Advantage of These Offerings?

Whilst coronavirus is putting a hardship on businesses. They must remain resilient now more than ever. It’s a tough job, but with a well-executed pandemic response, executives can safeguard their company’s health while keeping their customers safe. These resources are only a starting point for businesses to prepare for the unpredictable future ahead properly. Companies should take advantage of every offer and opportunity offered by NetSuite as their library of resources and knowledge grows.

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