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The Impact of NetSuite Integration – How It Affects Different Businesses

Developing the finest business system for managing growing operations is a challenge for any high-growth company. Short-term revenue acceleration objectives frequently take precedence over integrated business management software systems. When a business is expanding fast, it’s easy to become lost in the maze of the application environment.

When businesses are looking to expand their client base, they implement standalone systems for managing opportunities and dealing with customer support problems. Disparate software and spreadsheets are used to handle inventory, orders, and fulfillment.

New office locations are opened, and additional sales channels are adopted by many businesses to boost top-line income even further, resulting in more complex procedures for e-commerce integration (such as recurring billing and financial consolidation). Standalone programs from various vendors, indigenous applications, or spreadsheet workarounds may all be used as additional business support software.

Order management, fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, expenditure approvals, and financial consolidation are just a few of the main procedures you may come across in your everyday operations. By automating these procedures, you may redistribute employees to higher-value tasks and prevent making recruits to handle these processes.

Customers of NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud business suite, participated in an ROI study conducted by independent analyst firm Nucleus Research (Reference: https://www.netsuite.com/portal/resource/articles/software-system.shtml). According to Nucleus, using an integrated suite accelerated financial close-times by up to 50%, increased sales productivity by 12.5%, and increased inventory turns by 50%, among other efficiencies. Having access to current information is critical for making well-informed choices promptly. Employees are better informed and can make quicker, more accurate choices when information can be accessed immediately from virtually anywhere without spending resources on data extraction and connecting data from various sources together. König Wheels, for example, was able to monitor the workload of their suppliers in real-time and quadruple their business in four years while saving $120,000 per year since they had all their business data accessible in real-time.

An integrated software system makes expansion to numerous locations and new sales channels quicker since the order and accounting management procedures and data are linked. Due to increased visibility, companies may also more effectively upsell and cross-sell to their current client base.

The more people use NetSuite, the more they are aware of its numerous advantages in almost all sectors. Most of the surveys conducted in this instance show its positive impact on the community. Therefore, people are undoubtedly in favour of integrating NetSuite in their businesses. With NetSuite integration experts like Folio3 offering their NetSuite integration, customization, and implementation services, a business of almost any nature can have all its operations streamlined into one place, making it easier for them to manage and execute their business operations.

Following are some benefits that each industry embraces using NetSuite Integration.

Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies

  • As a result of enhanced billing and invoicing accuracy, you’ll have more money in the bank, and you’ll be able to target more lucrative customers.
  • Find available resources and specific talents with NetSuite resource management.
  • Using role-based dashboards and KPIs, get real-time information to drive performance choices.

Apparel & Footwear Industry

  • Utilize a real-time perspective of the company with role-based reports, dashboards, and KPIs to make data-driven choices. 
  • A unified data model eliminates the need for many point solutions, allowing for a single entry point for all financial, inventory, order, and customer data. 
  • You may grow into new regions, create new sales channels, and adopt new business models using the fundamental platform you’ve built.


  • Achieve optimal skill allocation while reducing bench time.
  • Identify lucrative teams and planned vs billed time by benchmarking projects using dashboards.
  • You may quickly share critical papers and intellectual property with others, no matter where they are located.
  • Automatic approvals, mobile cost management, and integration with financials are all available.


  • Make it easier to manage various systems by bringing together disparate data.
  • Streamline processes, save expenses, and recapitalize to provide better programs and services.
  • Using clear visibility and control over your company, you can make better, quicker choices.


  • Make it easier to manage various systems by bringing together disparate data.
  • Enhance company responsiveness to market shifts, and satisfy ever-changing consumer demands.
  • Improve business agility and growth by modernizing your systems.

Financial Services

  • Make it easier to manage various systems by bringing together disparate data.
  • Enhance company responsiveness to market shifts, and satisfy ever-changing consumer demands.
  • Improve business agility and growth by modernizing your systems.

Food and Beverage Industry

  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for your whole corporation, NetSuite is an excellent place to start.
  • Control, visibility, and management of your goods are possible when your contemporary supply chain is managed using NetSuite.
  • View the buyer from every angle and at every point of contact.

Health & Beauty 

  • Use a single platform to serve customers across many channels, including online, mobile, in-store, and call centres.
  • Use a cloud-based platform designed for contemporary businesses to distinguish your brand and customer experience.
  • Your retail business should be centred on your consumers, not on the channels that they use.

Healthcare Sector

  • Customizable dashboards for each position in your company offer real-time access to important business data, allowing everyone to make fast choices.
  • Make changes as needed to your industry-specific procedures, workflows, reporting, and information requirements.
  • Internal controls and precise, decent reporting with a full set of audit trails are supported by NetSuite, making compliance simple and easy.
  • Improve customer and partner service by using NetSuite’s unified CRM solution to get a complete, real-time picture of your customers.

IT Sector

  • Determine which resources are the most effective and then make appropriate assignments for them. You can match the appropriate talents with the right project to get the job done faster using a simple search.
  • Share comprehensive project reports with clients to increase satisfaction.
  • NetSuite’s cloud-based initiatives let you share documents and stay up to current on projects from anywhere, at any time.
  • To generate more accurate quotations and find opportunities for margin improvement, review timeframes, resource requirements, and profitability.
CTA - NetSuite Products


  • One single platform may be used to manage procurement, schedule production, and oversee individual manufacturing processes.
  • For this reason, NetSuite provides the flexibility and capability to support your unique business processes as they evolve.
  • Regardless of where your operations and global supply chain are located, NetSuite’s multi-language, multi-currency features enable them.

Many businesses now utilize advanced business software to drive their development. However, many are still hampered by a jumble of functional systems that create process bottlenecks and productivity problems for their employees, making it difficult to maintain their progress and efficiently control expenses. As a result of the advent of integrated business software suites, organizations are no longer hindered by the growing pains that formerly kept them from achieving profitable expansion. As stated above, NetSuite integration is possible in almost every business sector to avail of its exceptional benefits. Integrating NetSuite into your business operations will allow you to stay updated with the world and become competitive globally. And with the right partners like Folio3 for NetSuite integration, the growth and success of your business, regardless of the niche, are inevitable.

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