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The Reasons that Attract Fast Companies to NetSuite

Fast-growing companies have a few common traits. They are passionate to achieve their dreams, innovative in their approach and follow agile business processes that help them maneuver as and when they want. Take up any list; Fortune 500 or Deloitte Fast 500 companies, and you will find similarity in their practices. 

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Now, when it comes to agility and innovation, companies today need a robust solution that can help them stay ahead of the curve by automating all-important business functions. If we are to take the example of Deloitte Fast 500 companies, we would see that many of the listed companies are driven by NetSuite, a cloud based ERP system powering their business growth and agility. Let us take a look at what some of the Deloitte Fast 500 companies powered by top cloud ERP solution are up to:

  • Yieldbot has consistently ranked in the Deloitte Fast 500 companies and was ranked number 2 in 2017. The company offers innovative and agile solutions to businesses with its machine learning system “IntentRankTM”. The system is able to monitor and recognize the motivation of customers and help businesses create highly customized messages to generate premium interactions. The company has stayed strong in terms of innovation and performance. Last year the company saw a massive growth of 39,783%, which clearly demonstrates its capacity and zeal to outperform the competition.
  • Pure Storage is another Deloitte Fast 500 company that has consistent relied on agility, and innovation to stay competitive and stay ahead. The company has long relied on NetSuite as the best cloud ERP solution to fuel its growth. Pure Storage offer customers with the radically simple technology of all-flash storage, which is basically powering the digital transformation of businesses all over the world. Just last year, the company was able to grow by 7,146% and the fact that NetSuite ERP was able to scale up to the level without any glitches says a lot about why NetSuite is consistently ranked as the number 1 cloud ERP.
  • Hortonworks has been an innovative powerhouse in the data industry. The company offer businesses with comprehensive enterprise-ready data platforms, and modern data applications. Over the years Hortonworks has seen incredible growth with last year seeing a whopping 2,452% growth. Again, NetSuite ERP fuels the company’s growth by offering automation and flexibility to undertake such rapid expansion.
  • TubeMogul is yet another great example of how agile companies driven by innovation and powered by the right back-end systems like NetSuite ERP and CRM solutions are able to experience and manage rapid growth. TubeMogul is a leading global advertising platform that helps businesses to strategize, measure, and optimize their marketing (advertisement) requirements. The company saw a growth of 429% last year.
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Now, if we are to closely examine the traits of all of these companies, we would see a similar trend as we mentioned in the first part of the blog. All of these companies are fueled by agility, innovation, and a strong zeal to capture more markets. Also, another common trait among all these companies is the presence of a robust cloud-based business management system. All of these fast-growing companies are leveraging the advanced functionalities and features of NetSuite’s Cloud ERP & CRM solutions to streamline their workflow processes, optimize operational efficiency, and achieve business objectives. NetSuite Cloud ERP solutions offer these businesses the flexibility, agility, and scalability that they need to compete and thrive in a highly competitive market.


NetSuite cloud-based ERP system has remained a top choice for enterprises fueled by innovation and agility. The powerful suite of back-end features and functionalities offered by NetSuite ERP enables companies to automate data integration between all critical business functions to achieve higher efficiency, reliability, and productivity. The only note of caution here is to choose the right NetSuite alliance partner that can help you implement the right system as per your business needs, so you can take on the world without any hindrances!

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