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Unlocking Productivity: Essential NetSuite Search Shortcuts for Every User

NetSuite is a powerful cloud-based business management suite that offers a wide range of features to streamline various business processes. Among its many functionalities, the search capabilities within NetSuite are often crucial for users to quickly access and analyze relevant information. 

To enhance user efficiency, NetSuite provides a set of search shortcuts that cater to different user needs. There are NetSuite global search shortcuts, which we have already covered. Today, in this article, we will explore these NetSuite search shortcuts and how they can benefit every user.

Searching All Data in Your NetSuite Account

To quickly find information in NetSuite, use the global search field by pressing Alt+G on PC or Option+G on Mac. You can enhance your searches with these tricks:

  • Include inactive records by adding a plus sign: keyword+
  • Find an exact match by using quotation marks: “keyword”
  • Use a wildcard with a percentage sign: %keyword
  • Match individual words with underscores: a_keyword_phrase
  • Search for multiple keywords with OR: keyword1 OR keyword2
  • Current Page Search: Press Alt+Shift+G
  • Combined Search Results: Press Esc

Entering Data and Forms:

  • Subtab Navigation: Hold Alt and type a letter
  • Save Transaction Header: Press Enter
  • Save and Move to Next Line: Press Enter on a transaction line
  • Move Between Fields and Buttons: Press Tab
  • Check/Clear a Box: Use the Spacebar
  • Calculate in Amount Fields: Enter expressions (e.g., 10 + 15)

Date Fields:

  • Tomorrow’s Date: Press T
  • End of Current Period: Press P
  • End of Previous Period: Press L
  • Today’s Date: Press T
  • Yesterday’s Date: Press Y
  • Last Day of the Month: Press M
  • Increase One Day: Press +
  • Decrease One Day: Press –

Multi-Choice Buttons:

  • Select Non-Default Option: Tab to list button, down arrow to expand, Enter to select, up arrow to collapse

Navigating Subtabs:

  • Switch Subtabs: Hold Alt and press the corresponding letter

Viewing Reports:

  • Previous Page: Press Page Up
  • Next Page: Press Page Down
  • First Page: Press Home
  • Last Page: Press End

Filtering Search Results:

  • Switch Between Filters: Use Tab
  • Select from Dropdown List: Use Up or Down arrow
  • Apply Filter Value: Use Tab (Note: Enter does not apply)

Quick Record Access with Search Prefixes:

  • Use the global search bar at the top to find information quickly.
  • Add prefixes like “cus:” for customer records or “in:” for invoices, followed by your search query.
  • Examples: “cus: Bob Jones” or “in: 012345.”

Customize Your NetSuite Dashboard:

  • Personalize your NetSuite dashboard for your role.
  • Hover over a field, click “set up,” and add or remove Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Adjust layout and add new fields for a personalized dashboard.

Set Up Saved Searches:

  • Create saved searches to quickly generate information from different reports.
  • Click on “reports > new search,” select the type of search, set filters, and save.
  • Tips: Change column order, edit columns, and customize as needed.

Multi-Choice Buttons:

  • Navigate through options on buttons with popup lists using the Tab key, arrow keys, and Enter to make selections.

Navigating Subtabs:

  • Efficiently switch between sub-tabs using Alt combined with the corresponding letter. This helps streamline your navigation within tabbed pages.

Viewing NetSuite Reports:

  • Easily maneuver through reports using keyboard shortcuts such as Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End for a smoother viewing experience.

Filtering Search Results:

  • Speed up your workflow with shortcuts for filtering search results. Use Tab to navigate, Up/Down Arrows to select options, and Tab to apply filter values without the need for excessive mouse clicks.

Benefits of using NetSuite Search Shortcuts

These shortcuts can enhance your NetSuite experience by making navigation and data entry more efficient.

Using NetSuite keyboard shortcuts can be super helpful because they make navigating and performing tasks easier and faster in the NetSuite software. These shortcuts save time by allowing users to avoid clicking through multiple menus. For example, pressing a few keys can quickly take you to specific pages or actions without searching for them.

Efficiency is a significant advantage. With keyboard shortcuts, you can swiftly switch between different modules and records, making your work smoother. It’s like taking shortcuts in a video game – you get to your destination faster.

Another benefit is reducing the strain on your mouse hand. Instead of constantly clicking and scrolling, you can rely on the keyboard for many actions, which can be more comfortable and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Overall, NetSuite search shortcuts improve productivity, minimize the chance of errors, and enhance the user experience by offering a quicker and more ergonomic way to interact with the software. They’re like little tricks that make using NetSuite a breeze!


NetSuite’s search shortcuts enhance user efficiency by providing quick and direct access to relevant information. Whether it’s basic searches, advanced queries, or navigating through records and transactions, these shortcuts cater to the diverse needs of NetSuite users. 

By incorporating these shortcuts into their daily workflows, users can significantly reduce the time spent searching for information, leading to increased productivity and a more streamlined business operation. As businesses continue to rely on NetSuite for their management needs, mastering these search shortcuts becomes essential for maximizing the benefits of this robust platform.

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