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What You Will Learn with Folio3 Webinar? Why Should You Attend?

Who doesn’t want a better, more holistic view of their business processes and their organization? Moreover, who isn’t interested in business growth? If you don’t already have an ERP solution, you don’t need more reasons to attend this webinar! Join us on Thursday, the 28th of July to find out how to select the perfect ERP platform, and why NetSuite is a perfect choice!

About NetSuite

Does NetSuite even need an introduction? A leading American cloud computing software solutions company, NetSuite is known best for its ERP solutions. With nearly 25 years of experience, it has made a mark in the industry and owned the ERP space. NetSuite provides all the benefits that an ERP can offer and more! 

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About Folio3

What is an ERP platform without a reliable technology partner? Who can be a better partner than the EMEA Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year 2021 and the Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner 2022?! Even other than this, Folio3 wears many badges of honor when it comes to partnering with NetSuite.

With over 15 years of design and development experience, Folio3 has been delivering outclass NetSuite solutions and customizing them to fit your exact requirements. Unlike other software development companies, we work as your tech co-founders as opposed to hired guns and we work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want and need.

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About The Webinar: What Will You Learn by Attending?

In the webinar, you will learn the following about NetSuite:

  • How it is specially designed to help support your key business functions and integrate them so that all your functions are synchronized and there are no communication gaps.
  • How it provides total visibility in real-time and helps you make informed decisions on time.
  • How it has the ability to scale with your company as you grow.
  • How it helps with end-to-end synchronization with different third-party platforms such as e-commerce channels and marketplace. 
  • How it helps automate your workflows and standardize your processes.

Why Should You Attend?

Do you want to know how ERP solutions can contribute to business growth? 

Organizations that still haven’t adopted these technologies are not only losing out on their ability to grow and scale, but they’re also risking their chances of simply surviving in these increasingly challenging economic times. You need to attend if you are looking to avail the many benefits that ERPs offer you and find out more about how you can leverage the power of the NetSuite ERP to automate your business processes.

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