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Why its better to attend SuiteWorld Pre-Conference?

Planning to attend SuiteWorld Pre-Conference Training? You would like to get your colleagues with you, at least 3. As we posted earlier, this training will cost you $1,795 while if you manage to have a group of 4 (or more), each student will have to pay $1,295. This will save your group $500, cumulatively.

Well, saving bucks is not the only benefit you will get on attending the event in group, company of the folks you work with get so many other opportunities in hand. We are listing some of them which we could come up with:

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  • During training, you will get the chance to work on the case studies your team already going through back at office.
  • Together as a group, your team will get maximize learning.
  • Different folks of different roles, you will have different aspects of training elements.
  • Back home, your team would have the same frequency and understanding.
  • You’ll be able to discuss different issues with NetSuite experts, you face earlies as a team.
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These team activities is totally subjective to your team. Tell us in comment about more of such activities, what you can think of.

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