NetSuite Stripe

Automatically sync payment information between Stripe & NetSuite

NetSuite stripe Integration

Streamlined Payments with NetSuite Stripe Integration

Automate your payment workflows and grow revenues by integrating Stripe with your NetSuite back-office system. Folio3’s NetSuite Stripe Integration enables you to transform your payments from a cost center to a strategic advantage that enables growth, extends reach, and helps expand your business. Our turn-key integration between NetSuite and Stripe can help you create a seamless system that saves both time and costs while ensuring efficiency and accuracy


NetSuite Stripe Connector Highlights

Manage Stripe Payments

Easily synchronize payments/charges from Stripe and manage them on NetSuite


Easy Order Management

Sync NetSuite orders as Stripe payments/charges seamlessly


Extensive Customizations

Don’t be limited by standard feature sets, functionalities and workflows that complement your business


Easy Deployment

Integrate and deploy with the utmost ease


Simplified Refund Management

Minimize consumer dissonance and boost service levels with timely refunds


Real-time Dashboards

Get a birds-eye view of the integration status and the latest data, at a glance

Netsuite Stripe Integration Benefits

Automatically sync customers, cash sales, and items information


Deploy quick and painlessly – does not require any coding


Automate & seamlessly integrate with NetSuite to eliminate data entry


Fully Customizable – install custom functionality or workflows as needed


Free Support

End-to-end Integration Between NetSuite and Stripe

  • Synchronize Stripe payments/charges to NetSuite as sales receipts (cash sales & invoices)
  • Synchronize item name and price along with other details, when syncing payments/charges to NetSuite
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Synchronize the customer’s details along with the payment/charge to NetSuite.
  • Sync customer name, email, and address
  • Scheduled jobs can be synced with a minimal configurable interval of 15mins
  • Support partial refunds
  • Sync refunds from Stripe to NetSuite as cash refunds/credit memos
  • Sync Stripe order returns as either cash refunds or credit memos in NetSuite
  • Sync NetSuite orders to Stripe as Stripe charges/payments

Netsuite Stripe Integration Connector – Pricing

Folio3’s NetSuite Stripe Integration Connector License Cost - $2,400/year . A one-time setup charge of $1000 $500 is also applicable for every integration. *Discounted for a limited time

Any add-on features/functionality not supported out of the box, are available via customization. To learn more about our other NetSuite integration solutions, please visit our NetSuite Services section.