AVS Companies

SuiteSuccess Implementation


AVS Companies (AVS) is a distributor of amusement, gaming, and vending equipment.


Folio3 migrated their back office from the abas ERP to Oracle NetSuite (SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Premium edition). This included data migration as well.

The Challenge

AVS Companies aimed to migrate their ERP and related back-office operations to NetSuite ERP. As part of the same initiative, they needed a new B2B and B2C Website designed and developed in NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Platform.


Folio3 implemented NetSuite along with building new SuiteCommerce Websites for them from scratch. It enabled them to manage order imports, inventory, order processing and account receivables. Here’s a list of features the implementation offered:

  • Seamless order import into NetSuite via their SuiteCommerce Advanced website.
  • Improved visibility of inventory at all levels
  • Reduced order processing times
  • Seamless integration with the Accounts Receivables module for a 360-degree view of overall customer balances.


This technology/platform migration ensured a tight integration between their new SuiteCommerce Advanced based storefront and their NetSuite based ERP back-office, something that is in line with their vision of having a unified system working in complete cohesion.

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