Colson Health (Boobie Brands)


Boobie Brands is a women’s health and wellness brand, owned by Colson Health Inc.


Folio3 successfully integrated Colson Health’s Amazon North America FBA account (with the Amazon US marketplace only) with their Oracle NetSuite ERP using Folio3’s NetSuite Amazon Connector for their Boobie Brands products.

The Challenge

Boobie Brands was facing troubles with syncing their data (orders, customers, item information, payments/invoices, inventory, prices, order status & shipping information, Order Cancellations, out of stock items.


Folio3’s NetSuite Amazon Connector is an out of the box integration solution that provides
fully automated, end to end integration between Amazon Seller Central accounts and
Oracle NetSuite. By doing so, the Folio3 NetSuite Amazon Connector helps save both time
and cost, while minimizing data entry and data entry errors. Out of the box, the connector
provides the following features:

  • Imports all ‘checkout complete’ Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) orders along with associated customer data from Amazon Seller Central into NetSuite
  • Automatically synchronizes inventory quantity and product info including price, item ID and item data (including up to two item images) from NetSuite to Amazon
  • Automatically updates the status of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite, in Amazon
  • Automatically exports shipping information (shipping date, carrier details & tracking number) of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite to Amazon seller central
  • Payment import from Amazon to NetSuite (excluding Amazon commissions, fees and charges)
  • Mark items as Out Of Stock on Amazon (by marking the inventory quantity available for sale as 0 in NetSuite)
  • Maintains a complete log of all tasks performed, in NetSuite


FBA Support

  • The ability to synchronize orders Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), along with their fulfillment status and shipping/tracking information, from Amazon Seller Central to NetSuite.
  • The ability to transfer inventory from NetSuite to Amazon (for use in Fulfilled By Amazon orders), by synchronizing the Working shipment plan from Amazon to NetSuite (as an inventory transfer order). This will work in the following manner.

Amazon Fee

  • The Folio3 connector will automatically extract and import Amazon fees, shipping charges and other levies from the Amazon settlement report (which is usually generated by Amazon on a bi-weekly basis) into NetSuite.
  • The connector imports both Non-Order Related Charges (which apply to a specific time period and are given in the Amazon settlement report as fixed/lump-sum amounts) such as FBA storage fees or reimbursements for FBA stock that was damaged or misplaced by Amazon AND Order Related Fees and Charges (such as the FBA Per Order Fulfillment Fee) into NetSuite, as Other Charge type items.
  • These charges are created as Journal Entries in NetSuite. The connector also creates customer payments against the invoices created in NetSuite

Synchronization of refunds

  • Create Invoices using imported Amazon Order Data
    • For FBA orders, Invoice records will be created directly in NetSuite instead of Sales Orders (22 hours)
  • Sync Kit Items from NetSuite to Amazon (11 hours)
  • Tax overriding at the time of Amazon order data import (at the time of the invoice creation)


With Folio3’s efforts, Colson Health was able to easily move their back-office operations to the much more robust and scalable NetSuite ERP, thereby streamlining key processes and operations within a single system.

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